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Boomer Tim, pt1

(guest post by Tim Sytsma, a Boomer with something to say. Tim is in the middle of a cross country journey, his very own Oregon Trail.)


After nearly 12 years out of the Beaver State I am returning. Strangely excited, with confidence belying my now-middle-aged-48 years, I am looking forward to taking the Rose City by storm.

Or at least a Strong October Wind.


I always associate the sound from a aircraft breaking the sound barrier with that term.

I am a Late Boomer.  Not a Late Bloomer…though my poor mother, rest her soul… thought so when I was a youth.  Pigeon toed, cross eyed (Lazy eye … never did have that surgery)…and I spoke with a lisp… could not pronounce “Three” to save my life.

Used to say one, two , free  all day long.

Yes, as you can imagine I was the popular kid on the playground there at Blossom Gulch.


I have the added blessing of always knowing it’s getting close to my birthday when November comes around and they start talking about the anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Used to be, Pre 9-1-1, that you could hear folks talking about “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”

I know exactly where I was, in the Hospital in Corvallis, two days old.


As the folks from our generation get a little greyer, a little longer in the tooth, I have come to accept the term in the traditional, generational sense, and apply Boomer to myself.

Growing up in Oregon, growing up a character…and being more than slightly country and redneck, has always been a blessing.

Most of the guys I grew up with can fix nearly anything with baling wire, pliers and maybe a roll or two of duct tape.

Or at least fake it enough to get out the door before you discover the truth.

Life is too short. Carpe Webfoot. Seize the Oregon.

(Boomer Up is a forum for boomerPDX. Leave a comment with a story idea you have to tell.)



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  1. Tim,

    I’m greatly enjoying your travel musings as you return to our home state. Thank you for sharing your journey and your thoughts with your classmates and your State. We’ve all missed you.


    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hi Renee,

      Be sure and encourage Tim to write and write a lot. Then write some more.

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