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Time to answer the charges? Boomer UNTIL proven guilty.

Too many accuse the baby boomer generation of things they didn’t do.

How can that change? And how fast?

You may recognize some of the accusations, you might have a made a few yourself.

After all these years, it’s finally okay. Let it go.

Boomers showed up on the national scene as a new phenomena unlike any generation before.

They wouldn’t do what they were told to do, go where they were supposed to go, or say what needed said to keep everything calm and soothing.

What did they do instead? More like what didn’t they do.


Boomers did not invent LSD.

The BO machine twirling past you looking for a miracle from Jerry just took acid, not invent it.

Albert Hofmann did the deed before Owsley Stanley self taught his way to help the 60’s trip.

Hofmann the scientist is unrelated to Abbie Hoffman the political scientist.

That Hoffman, born in 1936, is yet another older man directing the youth movement of hippie generation.

Elder Ken Kesey did his part with Owsley’s help.

Is the spaced out life the only one worth living? Ask the survivors.



Military draft protests didn’t start with boomers. They just made it on TV first.

Look, here’s my draft card. Here’s my cigarette lighter. Look, fire.

Draftees came from the working class, the flunked out of college class, the graduated from college with no deferment class, and the graduate degree with no further deferment class.

Are yesterday’s draft protesters today’s super patriots who can’t thank everyone in uniform enough?

Hey boomer, you don’t have to thank the mailman for their service. Why? You’ll figure it out.

Boomers come across as ever so thankful, ever so grateful, and the big winner, ever so humble.

Once you’ve sat on both sides of the national debate, you’ve got to feel lucky.

Are boomers the luckiest generation, or just in the right place at the right time?


If traditions have shown anything, it’s that they’re meant to be broken.

Sort of like sports records.

If you’ve seen things done one way forever, then see a new way, you’re shocked.

You should have thought of it, now you ought to do it, but you’re still in shock.

Get married before having children? But why?

Settle in one place long enough to know it? But why?

Keep a line to the past? Say it with me. “But Why?”

Kids from married couples have one less thing to question. Do them a favor.

The rolling stone may gather no moss, but unless your name is Mick, Keith, Charlie, or Ronnie, you’re no Rolling Stone. So find a place to call your own.

The past holds secrets. Historical mysteries build on those secrets.

Keep a line out to the past and avoid falling for the half-baked nonsense. Cook up your own theories.

Baby boomers have done more than enough, just not everything they get credit for.

Do you have a few Boomer Until Proven Guilty moments?

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