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Boomer Women

We Like Them, We Need Them, And So Do Youboomer

How often do you see a gorgeous woman and think, ‘She must have been a beauty when she was younger?’

Or, ‘If she dyed her hair you’d never know how old she is.’

Baby boomer women get that all the time. They get knocked for over-doing, for under-doing, for chasing the calendar, and resetting the clock.

The older generation looks at them with pity, “Dear, when will you learn to accept your age and act accordingly.”

Younger generations say, “I won’t have to try that hard when I get old.”

Why do boomer women make an effort? Because they don’t want to grow invisible.

They remember who the hot young thing was, who the IT girl was. They haven’t forgotten the heads they’ve turned.

After decades of carrying the weight for all women, they still aren’t willing to put that burden down. They won’t step aside, and that bothers some people.

Boomer women grew up opening their own doors, burning bras, and hitting the glass ceiling harder than anyone else.

Why won’t they make way for the next in line to push the envelope? Because they don’t quit and they’re not done.

What will google reveal about boomer women?

  • The top two spots of the search belong to

Make sense? Of course. Queen Sue is wild about riding motorcycles, traveling, and getting together with girlfriends.

The message:

If you were born between 1946 – 1964, you are part of the largest generation
ever, the baby boomers. But don’t worry, we won’t card you. As long as you
were born before 1970, it’s really about a state of mind.”

(Remember getting carded and you whipped out your fake ID? It still happens when young boomers pull their fake ID for senior discounts.)

Down in third place comes, listed as the #1 site on major search engines for baby boomer women. (Looks like Wild Boomer Women has an SEO ace up their sleeve for coming in on top.)

Before you check it out, be warned that this is a major site with a huge amount of work. You’ll find frequent mention of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW.)

If you’re a boomer man who longs for peace and quiet and a little woman rubbing your feet, you might stop at Boomer Women Speak for an update on the ladies.

Have you ever been with a group of women when someone shared something intimate? It never fails that when we take a chance at disclosing an intimacy someone else in the group says, “I am so glad you said that. I thought I was the only one who felt that way!” Everyone present senses feelings of connectedness, acceptance, and solidarity that are special. Well, that is what Boomer Women Speak is all about. We want women across the world to realize that we are not alone in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Mark Zuckerberg might be the face of social media, but boomer women had the social part going before he was born. And that’s not changing.

The sister site to Boomer Women Speak is, or the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. This is the mother lode for boomer women.

From Expert Column to Important News & Bulletins, you’ll be nodding your head and saying, “Yes, I know,” for hours.

Any website with a column titled 3 Tips On How To Increase Your Odds Of Staying Married The Second Time is a good stop. It’s right after 2 Tips On How To Increase Your Odds Of Staying Married The First Time.

While you contemplate your place in the world, a favorite pastime of all boomers, remember that Portland baby boomers have done it better and longer. You might schedule an educational trip out here.

Then you’ll see the true colors of Baby Boomer Women.













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