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Why Starting With A Theme Song May Save The Anniversary. anniv

Big days come with big pressure for long married Baby Boomers.

How can you possibly top the last without making it look suspicious?

You can’t downplay it either, or it’ll look like you forgot.

Instead of piling everything up on one day for a do or die anniversary, stretch it out a few days.

Find a place where it’s just the two of you. A mountain cabin, a beach shack, somewhere near nature.

Plan together and choose a theme song for the anniversary trip.

If one of you suggests All By Myself, you might have a problem.

Part of a happy marriage is memorable wedding anniversaries. Most people do them together.

The advantage boomers have for choosing a theme song comes from hearing what the rest of the world calls Classic Rock when it first came out.

Why does that matter?

We remember the times and who we were with when 70’s Hits were new.

Love The One You’re With might be a good choice for long married boomers, not so much for serial marrieds.

Give A Little Bit by Super Tramp? Bring plenty of lotion.

If it’s an anniversary with a few days at the beach, Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys. Bring a wetsuit for Oregon.

Best choice so far: Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones. Bring plenty of gin.

If your beach cabin sits near a tourist town, try and relax.

It’s not your job to hustle and shop like you’re walking Costco with a sled.

Stay near the water instead.

Hold hands and watch waves. Sing a verse from your song together. “I met a gin soaked bar room queen in Memphis.”

Classic Rock and ageless love. They never get old.





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