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Like Food Channel’s Chopped Except No One Spits On The Pages.
British Library List.

British Library List.

The most often heard complaint of the avid reader?

“What do I read next? I’m in between books.”

Even with libraries and bookstores stocked to the roof, the next book is still an important choice.

Museums have research libraries, colleges have academic libraries; hospitals have medical libraries, law schools have law libraries.

How can anyone say they can’t find a book?

Powell’s Bookstore is the answer to any book question.

What to read next is more complicated than it sounds.

Start with the reader.

At some point in a reading life you find an era, a style, a topic that keeps pulling you back.

Romance, murder mystery, or fantasy.

Literary fiction, family sagas, or James Michener.

War, adventure, or travel.

Still no book? Nothing looks interesting?

Reader, please.

Choose four books in your genre.

Read the first sentence of each.

Book chop the least interesting.

Read the first and second sentences of the remaining three.

Book chop the least interesting.

Now read the first three sentences of the remaining books.

The last one standing is your need read.

Do the Boomerpdx Book Chop and tell me if the one you choose lives up to expectations.


British Library Reading Room.






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