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The Great Recession ended a lot of careers.

Long term employees at the top of their game became too expensive to keep.

Long time businesses folded.

Bosses and workers found themselves in the same boat and it was sinking.

Everyone started bailing water.

Lifestyles, nest-eggs, even their houses, became buckets to keep them afloat.

During the free fall to the new bottom line, an industrious core of the newly unemployed did something you hear about but seldom see.

They called adversity an opportunity, a chance to make the sort of changes they talked about for their retirement years.

Portland baby boomers proved their resilience by imagining a better future in the midst of economic meltdown.

Who has that sort of insight? Who breaks out the nightvision goggles to navigate new terrain without falling off a cliff?

Welcome to BETTER, SMARTER, RICHER and Jackie B. Peterson.

You’ve seen the magnetic sticker for sale, or on a refrigerator, “A Happy Wife Means A Happy Life?”

After my wife met Jackie at a business development meeting, she said she wanted me to talk to her, too.

We talked. I enrolled in Better, Smarter, Richer and boomerpdx was born.

Tomorrow, March 27th, I join Jackie on her radio show to talk about the process.

What makes the right match between teacher and student? One word: Trust.

When you meet someone willing to show the steps they’ve taken to succeed, who explains that their steps are the same as yours if you start, you get started.

While certificates and licensing for new careers are important, nothing replaces the feeling of being a reject in the new economy. You trained for a career, climbed the ladder, then got a notice thanking you for your service.

Starting over in a new job is a good choice. So is moving to a new city to find your old job. But nothing beats the feeling of finally taking the plunge and do what you’ve dreamed of doing.

Who hasn’t searched online for an edge? Gurus and savants dial up their smokescreens with the sort of promises you see in weight loss commercials when you contact them. You leave their pages wondering how you’ll be rich, thin, and look twenty years younger.

You go in to connect the missing link in your career and come away missing even more. Hopes, dreams, and aspirations? A celebration of your unique value? Then what?

Ms Peterson answers ‘then what.’

A few years back I had a chance to talk to a professor in Cambridge, England. He was Prince Charles’ former tutor. I asked what sort of students come to Cambridge for their education.

He said students don’t show up expecting to find themselves, to find what they really want to do. Cambridge works with kids who’ve already spent years on a specific research project. The university experience defines their focus by working with others on the same track.

While the PCC Climb Center is not Cambridge, the same concept applies. Working with Jackie Peterson increases your chances of getting better, being smarter, and collecting a share of riches.

Tune into Solo Pro Radio tomorrow for more.



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