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Big decisions show up every day.

They feel bigger as you age. Why?

The consequences seem more final, like there’s not enough time left for a do-over.

It’s a race.

Portland baby boomers know the feeling.

Those who’ve decided Portland is their permanent home face issues beyond where to live.

They ask themselves, “How do I want to live?”

The usual answer is, “Live a full life,” and leave it at that.

How full?

Let’s ask Scott H. Young. This is the young man who just finished the four year MIT undergrad program in computer science. In one year. Without going to class.

Smart guys always have smart ideas. One of his is encouraging others to read text books. Or take online classes.

How does a baby boomer feel about reading text books and taking online classes on the advice of a smart guy? Give it a shot.

Besides, most boomers have text books from their college days, the books they paid too much for and were offered too little on buy-back day. So they kept the books and still didn’t read them. And got nothing in return.

Now is the time to cash in on knowledge once deferred. Break out that Historical Geology book and start reading.

If advice from a twenty four year old man isn’t for you, it should be. He wrote “How to Lead an Interesting Life and Still Get Stuff Done.”

Scott H. Young deserves a look.

The flip side of getting college degrees without going to class is Tucker Max. He snagged a Duke Law degree without wasting too much time behind a desk.

Current boomers might look at him as the worst example to show their kids, but they would have worshipped him in their younger days, like young people worship him today.

His book, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”, has been on the NY Times best seller list for four years, delivering up a million copies in readers’ hands.

Tucker is a smart guy like Scott, but instead of giving TED talks, he talks about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In other words, he talks boomer.

In terms of a good example of a bad example, Tucker Max fills the bill, but it’s awkward shaming him for finding a way to live the dream so many pursue.

He lives in the best place he’s ever been, Austin, Texas. He writes about himself, so the research is ongoing. And his run seems never ending.

Which footsteps to follow, Scott or Tucker?

If you find yourself somewhere in between, you are normal. And that’s not bad.








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