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Boomerpdx Explains Why England Rules


It’s More Than KEEP CALM AND PUT THE KETTLE ON, But That’s Where It Starts

A baby boomer view of history shows certain traits.

Spain came to the New World and created more disruption than a Mexican mud slide, then left their language and culture.

England arrived with different goals.

Pounding the populace and snatching treasure is one thing, spreading a way of life quite another.

Some see opportunity as turning a quick buck and moving on to the next challenge.

Others see a chance to make history, to change the world. They see a gap and fill it with the best substance on earth.

Every holiday season proves the English right. There is a major gap in Christmas Pudding, which a cadre of artisans work to fill.

Welcome to the Daughters of The British Empire, Tudor Rose Branch, and those who fulfill their destiny.

Let’s get started.

Most important, keep a proper balance.

Too much of a good thing is still too much.

The finest ingredients don’t always make the best Christmas Pudding, but it’s the best way to start.

Adding zest to the party makes a big difference.

What is the most important addition to any project? Elbow grease.

The difference maker in the New World? Tea time, of course.

The calm before the storm readies everyone for the homestretch and hard mixing.

At the end of the day the backbone of immortal England is the ladies. Whether they leave their island fortress, or not, they were the Tiger Moms before any Tiger Mom put on new stripes.

English ladies know how to mix it up, and they know how to clean it up. They are the secret ingredient of world civilization.

Greek mom? Roman mom? Tiger mom? They all take a back seat to English mom.


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