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BoomerPDX On Election, 2012


He knew how to take a punch

From horses and dogs to jumping frogs, handicapping a race is a job for experts.

The same goes for political races. Listen to the experts.

Or check with a Better Boomer.

Early Boomer (b.1946) first voted in 1968. They saw LBJ skip a second term that year.

They saw RFK go down before they could vote for him.

They’ve seen more strange political races than anyone except folks around for FDR’s four terms and General Eisenhower ascending the throne.

Ask a Boomer for advice and you might hear:

“The party who knows the score before the election shows their hand like this:

  • Nixon in ’72 vs McGovern/Eagleton = landslide win and Watergate.
  • Reagan in ’84 vs Mondale/Ferraro = landslide win and Irangate and Iraqgate.
  • Obama in ’08 vs McCain/Palin = win, though not the landslide or the ?gate.
  • Obama in ’12 vs Romney/Ryan = win or landslide win?”

Elections aren’t won by putting guys with a history of mental problems on the ticket, or impressive women with separate agendas.


They’re not won by inviting Quayle-lite as a running mate. You didn’t see JFK take any chances with his vice, though he probably should have.

Republicans have better people, but where are they? Nixon had Agnew. Reagan had a former CIA chief. Bush II had a Halliburton chief.

Tough men sat a heartbeat away from the presidency in those days.

From wiki, Nixon defended Agnew by saying, “”No assassin in his right mind would kill me because they would get Agnew (as President).”

The late Richard Nixon deserves a big thank-you for that. It didn’t help when Agnew resigned and got taken to the woodshed for tax evasion and bribes from his time as governor of Maryland.

At least Reagan had a guy with enough leg to run and win the Presidency once, but not enough for the deuce. This comment surfaced after President Bush attended an official Japanese political dinner and vomited on the prime minister,

“He wasn’t sick with the flu like he said. He was courting the college vote.”

BoomerPDX Lesson: Pitching up on world leaders may not be an act of diplomacy, but it serves to remind us all of our better days.

Better Boomer says, before you vote check the party platform. Jump on it hard. If it breaks, vote the other way.

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