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Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck via

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck

Young and old people alike share an opinion on the Ben Affleck-Batman.

Too young, too old, not super hero enough.

And they’re all wrong.

Do they know Ben’s comic super hero cred? Doubtful.

Google one name: Kevin Smith. Smith and Affleck are not Scorcese and DeNiro, but neither is anyone else. Except Scorcese and DiCaprio.

No one is Jay and Silent Bob either. The baby boomer pdx point of view sees the Affleck-Batman working.

We like our heroes on the downslope, but guys still super enough to save the day. Ben Affleck isn’t too old for the part. He could be too young.

Downslope doesn’t mean casting The Dude in costumed action, but if anyone could it’s Jeff Bridges. If The Dude-Batman came to Portland-Gothem to film he’d check in with It’s a boomer thing to do.

Then he’d find a tribute band doing a Grateful Dead Show. Even the biggest stick in the boomer mud could tap along to the Dead by now. Uncle John’s Band is calling.

The Ben Affleck-Batman might take it another direction. He could bring his whole family to the Portland shoot. They could stay in The Heathman and catch up on their reading in the hotel library.

Dad would peel off his bat suit after a long day and take the kids for a walk down Broadway, cruise Pioneer Square, and loop back around for a hike up the Portland Park Blocks.

The huge oaks bordering the path have a Batman sense of foreboding to keep Ben in character.

Stop at the Oregon Historical Society and the Portland Art Museum for a full dose of the city.

If you feel Portland isn’t a big enough background for Batman, keep feeling. There’s Batman brooding atop the KOIN tower.

There’s Batman swinging across the white vertical stripes of First Interstate. It’s not Gotham City, but it works.

There’s enough shadow and dark reflection on these mean streets as any other city, but with a twist.

Call it the Portlandia twist when Batman protects organic urban yards from undercover chefs harvesting salad bits while posing as maintenance crews.

There’s Batman in the backyard chicken coop waiting for the next prowler to snag fresh eggs.

Ben Affleck would find Portland to his liking. Just remind the Boston guy this town almost carried the same name.

Lost it on the flip of coin. Ben know his gambling well enough to appreciate that.

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