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The Longest Yard via

The Longest Yard via

Any excuse to avoid something is good enough at some ages.

So is any reason to do something.

Which has the stronger pull?

The following are a series of questions to ask yourself about high school football.

Though they are true or false in nature, there is no right or wrong.

You will be graded on the curve so don’t think too hard.

For most baby boomers an active football season is a long ways away.

Try and remember the best you can.

If you have problems with a question, take a guess.

Ready, set, Omaha.

True Or False.

You were the best player on your team, any team.

You were a lineman but should have been a quarterback.

Your friends were lineman who all thought they were a better quarterback than the starter.

You know what a pulling guard is.

You once threatened the quarterback after they fumbled.

Your quarterback once threatened you after a bad play.

Your team was undefeated every year.

Your team lost every game at least one year.

You had to forfeit every game one year after the AD missed on a player’s eligibility.

You lost a playoff game because one defensive back couldn’t play his position, but his dad was the coach’s friend.

You smoked weed after a loss in the first game your senior year.

Your coach was fired for cussing.

The new coach had one of the fastest players in the state and ran him inside.

Your coach was fired after showing his health class a case of high school sex on the Chicken Walk.

One coach decided your team was a bunch of loser before the season started and accused everyone of focusing on the after game dance instead of the game.

You had your ankles taped, the tape cut into your skin, got infected, and you played the season with your feet wrapped in bandages.

You once took a helmet to the upper arm that made it look like a Popeye muscle bulging out the side.

You tried to tackle a college bound running back and bounced off.

You played on a field affected by ocean tides.

You played games at Autzen Stadium.

You tell people you played football but leave out the part about where.

You’ve never changed your favorite college team.

You’ve never changed your favorite NFL team.

You loved Broadway Joe.

If you could, you’d change your citizenship to Raider Nation.

You believe Michael Sam is out of the NFL as a message to other SEC Defensive Players of the Year who might be gay.

You believe Ray Rice punching his girlfriend was the first woman he ever hit.

You think concussions are just an excuse.

When you see a great play, you always think you could have done it too.

You can bench press the NFL minimum at least once.

You have a favorite drink to watch football.

At halftime you throw the ball in the front yard.

You never gamble on games, but if you do it’s win or loss, not the spread.

You believe in good sportsmanship as long as you’re on the winning side.

If you could go back in time, it would be watching your brother play a football game with your mom and dad.

Add your own true or false questions in comments, then get busy.






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