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Boomers More Fragile Than Expected.

If you need a reminder to talk to those you feel a connection with, here it is: Do it!

They might be the real ‘Most Interesting Person In The World.’

If you see a man in incredible shape in his mid-sixties working out at your gym, say hello. Then stand back.

He knows the secret so many missed: Don’t stop.

All you need to do is pay attention and follow his routine instead of something prescribed by therapists or trainers. He’s already done the work, and it shows.

He’s not talking, so it’s up to you.

Picture your average sixty five year old. How many see a ripped, tanned, gym rat who’s taken fitness to the next level?

Now imagine a guy, a tall guy, maybe 6’2″, under 200 pounds, as devoted to exercise as ballet people are to dance.

You wonder what makes a guy his age tick to keep him on track when so many drop out.

Is he a wrestler who overcame injuries to compete and never stopped competing?

A football player good enough for D-1 ball who never left the weight room?

Is he a Vietnam Marine who never stopped marching?

A friend of Special Olympics?

A mountaineer who faced Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, and the Swiss Alps?

Dennis Hass is all of the above. I watched him go through his workout routine for years and ‘borrowed’ his drills. With any luck we all get a little older and he made it look like a great thing.

Why go out of your way to tell someone of their influence on you? Why tell them they are a role model you look up to? We’re all adults so what does it matter? Maybe it doesn’t matter to them, but it will to you. Besides, they’ll get a kick out of being special to near strangers.

If you know anyone who sounds like Dennis Haas, tell them today.

Boomer Lesson: Build a network of people, a web, and show them they matter to you.

Better Boomer says make a difference to those who make a difference to you, then do it again. It’s called being a friend.






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  1. I simply love the twist of this post . I’m certainly going to build a network of people.
    No man is an island. Humans need humans.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Welcome to the show, Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe. Join the network.

      check it out,


  2. Yes, Dennis was such an inspiration! I can’t use those cables at the gym without thinking about him. I keep expecting him to walk up to me while I’m on “his” machine. He will smile, and I’ll say, “Oh, were you using this?” And he’ll reply, “No, I’m not in a hurry. You use it first.” You’re right–we should never take people for granted, never forget that every individual has a unique and fascinating story.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      The Dennis Cables has a nice ring to it. I’d like to see name recognition for others before they pass on, like the Hans Schiebold chin-up bar. He’s the guy who’s makes me walk taller since his knee surgery.

      The Tim Bench with the motto, “Don’t lift with your ego?”

      The Dave Sauna where the heat might make you say something you wouldn’t ordinarily say?

      Thanks for coming in Cara. Your fitness work sets new standards.


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