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BoomerPDX Meets Sharon Nation

Some things you’ll want to own. Image courtesy

Boomer likes being the smart one in the room. No matter the question, they have an answer.

Or at least on observation.

When the question is ‘What is the sharing economy‘ it’s a little harder.

As a public service, BoomerPDX investigates…from a Home Depot parking lot.

A young woman lifts a bag from her Smart Car.

BPDX: Hello. Can I ask a few questions for It’s a blog, an organ of current culture. What’s your name?

SN: Sharon. Sharon Nation.

BPDX: Good to meet you. I’m writing about a trend called Sharing Nation, and you’re Sharon Nation. Was there a Carrie in your family?

SN: Who?

BPDX: A famous woman who chopped up saloons. Anyway, do you share things?

SN: Mostly borrow, you know, for money. We call it renting.

BPDX: Renting, okay, so you don’t really share?

SN: Think of it as sharing money for something I want without building a lifestyle around it.

BPDX: For instance.

SN: A floor sander. If I want to refinish my hardwood floors, I rent a sander. If I bought it I’d have to use it more than once to justify the expense. I’m returning sandpaper I didn’t use.

BPDX: You’d refinish a hardwood floor in a rental house?

SN: I did.

BPDS: First time?

SN: It was.

BPDX: With a belt sander?

SN: It didn’t turn out the way I expected. Do you know a belt sander will wear a groove in the wood if it’s not moving?

BPDX: I do know that.

SN: And walnut stain is darker than honey oak?

BPDX: You’re telling us you made a black floor with ripples? Like Oaks Park skating rink?

SN: That’s exactly what my landlord said. I got the instructions off youtube. Then I watched a tutorial on roofing. I’m renting a ladder next.

BPDX: Thank you for sharing.

The Lesson: A rental life keeps the load light, but eliminates the precious practice time. When you own a table saw you never make mistakes, you just make more firewood.

BoomerPDX says ownership life includes attachments to tools you rarely use, bikes you don’t ride, and attachments to the one you care about. You can’t rent feelings, and any boomer worth their Beatle wig knows money can’t buy you love.



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