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Portland’s South Water Front Isn’t The Only Place Looking Good.


The big boys are building in spite of the economic news.

Names tell the story.

Names like Morgan Stanley.

The growth in this Tempe, Arizona neighborhood looks like something out of a Chinese city of the future.

Both use a Field of Dreams plan: Build it and they will come.

Except these money players don’t hang their dreams on hope. They build and expand because they can.

Morgan Stanley looks good. So does Fidelity National Title Agency.


 These two buildings join a string under construction along Tempe Town Lake.

They look like Portland, except for the water. Portland’s river isn’t a man made lake.

The bridges make up for any concern. Regardless of what they go over, they’re beautiful.


From new school glass and steel to old school stone and water, it’s hard to find a more charming spot to locate new buildings.


It’s not Paris, but it feels like a good spot. Maybe that’s what they other companies thought, too.

When Microsoft, MetLife, Citrix, and Life Lock join the boom, something worth paying attention to is happening.


 What makes Tempe such a desirable place when Phoenix is just over the hill?

You could ask the same question of Portland and Vancouver.

Before you decide where to build your corporate headquarters, take a good look.


Know your neighbors. This is Tempe’s.

The road to success has many branches. Which one are you on? Tell where a Portland baby boomer would build.



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