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bunkum stone

Take to the road and find surprises, like The Bunkum Stone. Ever hear of it? Image via DG camera.

Good luck and gifts of Bunkum Stone? ‘Tis the Season to talk it out.

The gift of ‘loquacity?’


The incessant jabbering of the loquacious is a gift, not the reason earplugs were invented?

Now you know. Now you know even more.


Word Origin and History for loquacity


c.1200, from Latin loquacitatem (nominative loquacitas) “talkativeness,” from loquax “talkative” (see loquacious ). An Old English word for it was ofersprecolnes.

This might be too much to know all at once.

The word Bunk has it’s own problems with origins.

No mention of the Bunkum Stone in the Urban Dictionary, but it’s still evolving.

Word evolution is the first out for every lazy researcher.

“Our results continue to evolve with new discovery.”

Sure it does, professor.

No problems with the Blarney Stone.

The word “blarney,” meaning skillful flattery or nonsense, supposedly came into use following an incident involving the head of the McCarthy family and Queen Elizabeth I, who ruled England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603. The queen sent the earl of Leicester to seize Blarney Castle but the talkative McCarthy managed to keep stalling him. The queen grew exasperated by the earl’s reports about the lack of progress in the matter and uttered something to the effect that the reports were all “Blarney.”

Does Blarney translate to Bunk in North Carolina?

From the sound coming from leading voices there, yes.

Mythic rock fans, different than classic rock fans, find sites all over North America to cuddle and kiss.

Portland, Oregon even has one, The Willamette Stone.

Kiss this one, or lick the plaque, and instead of the gift of gab you turn into an engineering nerd? A surveyor or landscaper? A cartographer?

One thing for sure, you won’t find a stone, or cedar post, to kiss. Those are long gone.

Stick with the sure thing, the Bunkum Stone.

Don’t forget to pucker up, buttercup.

bunkum stone

Picking a good spot to kiss the Bunkum Stone. Pass the lip balm, please. Image via DG camera.

“Forgive me the impenetrable silence since the last irrevocable interruption during my previous elucidation. Now then, where was I?”

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