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Do you know the feeling of new readers replacing bots after posting on fitness?

Or new bots replacing old bots?

California bots almost feel like a step in the right direction.

But they’re not.

The upside of new traffic is that it comes from California, not Virginia, Illinois, or Michigan. I like my bots in the same timezone I’m in, as if it makes any difference.

It doesn’t. Even boomerpdx transcends timezones, if not space. It’s not hard to rig.

I like California traffic better than the United Kingdom and Canada, who round out my top three markets under America. We all speak the same language, but I’m still not sure how I translate.

Trust In California

Why trust in California? Because I’m a self centered blogger. And I’m the only one in my family born there. What’s my excuse? My old man was stationed there during his Marine Corps days.

We all headed to Oregon after his extension ended.

California bots make me proud to be a border state of the the 4th biggest economy in the world, if Cali was a country. Oops, I just checked. They are fifth behind U.S., China, Japan, and Germany, and just ahead or the United Kingdom.

Some of that power comes to Oregon in the way of transplants with fresh ideas, or at least ideas California rejected and Oregon finds interesting.

With the recent surge in attention to this post, I’m reminded to keep a clean page. Threatening and abusive writing often draws the same in return, and who needs that?

Besides, I have a dream. I dream one day that a California bot attached to a reputable movie studio alerts their favorite agent to buy an epic WWII adventure romance that creates a world of care in a theater of death, that addresses the issue of ‘comfort women’ with lethal results, and pulls the shade hiding the beginnings of the military industrial complex.

Base on True Facts. That’s one dream.

The other dream is an agency in California sees this post and understands my main goal: Selling an enlightened cancer memoir with pressing relevance to patients, family, and practitioners.

The sharp agent contacts their New York office who puts their ace on the case of landing a generational story. So they email me, then call, then put tickets in Will Call to fly to Manhattan with my wife to sign a three book contract.

The first book is explained here, the next two come from finished feature length scripts so Hollywood can make a movie from a book and feel smarter. (I’ve done the work on this end.)

I’ll be around today.

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