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Carol Tice World Domination


Carol Tice, author of Starting Your Business On A Shoestring

Where do most people go after the World Domination Summit?

Why not take what you’ve learned from Portland, Oregon and dominate the next world?

Portland baby boomers do that all the time.

They dominated the blues at the Waterfront Blues Festival. Dominated the Food Bank, too.

Where did Carol Tice dominate?

The Original.

SAM_0328How did she find a downtown restaurant to serve the uncertain number of guests she invited to breakfast?

This was no Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson ordering toast off the menu. This was someone who knew how to ask for what they wanted.

The Original knew how to get it done. But first, more about the World Domination Summit.

Portland is home to a revolutionary named Chris Guillebeau. And he has fans. Carol Tice is a fan. She attended World Domination Summit.

Am I a fan? Are you? Chris has enough pull to schedule his Summit in the Paramount, now called the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

Let’s be fans.

It’s not jumping on the bandwagon if you find Chris through someone like Carol Tice. Why?

Call me foolish, but I trust someone whose name shows up in certain places. Entrepreneur dot com? Yes. Forbes? Yes. Copyblogger? Uh huh.

What I know about Carol comes from subscribing to her blog, Make A Living Writing, or

She makes a living writing. The Freelance Writers Den is one of her sites. Check out the staff.  If you don’t make a living writing, learn from a pro.

carol2The day after the World Domination Summit, Carol organized the breakfast at The Original. The pro invites people downtown and pays for their meal? It’s like buying a round for the house when you’re celebrating.

Was Carol celebrating something?

Baby boomers share a common dream. It sounds sort of like The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring.

Boomers are all about reuse, reduce, recycle. They invented it. You know it hasn’t gone to seed when a book like Carol’s comes out. It has the sound of the Steve Jobs story, or the Bill Gates story, a couple of drop-outs who started on a shoestring.

It could be your story too, boomer. You’ve got a shoestring?

Go ahead and get started.

Then, when you’ve done well, reserve a table at The Original.

Time to celebrate. And time to listen to Carol’s podcast on freelance writing. She’s one to pay attention to.












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  1. Glad you were able to be there, David! Thanks for sharing these photos.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for coming in. It’s funny how online people turn out in real time, and you were just right. Meeting someone working on serious topics without taking themselves too seriously is a wonderful experience. You were someone I wasn’t going to miss.

      To my readers, cruise over to Make A Living Writing and dip into the river of possibilities you may not know about. I subscribe to Carol’s blog because like her, it’s lively. Her posts generate ideas from others that you won’t find elsewhere.

      If you make a list about what you expect from a blog, Carol has all the boxes checked. So check it out.

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