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College Football and Boomer, The Perfect Match

The All-Time, All Purpose, College Football Rig

Today’s Oregon boomers glory in the Ducks and Beavers. Not so much the Beavers last year, but they turned the page.

The Ducks, on the other hand, jumped the fast lane to the top ranks a few years back and haven’t slowed down.

Throw out the anchor

The biggest change is the game day experience. It used to be simple, a standard routine no matter the game.

Park the car, hand over the ticket, find a seat.

Now for the extras.

The Manbulance vs Colorado

Instead of a car, drive up in an RV towing a boat, or best of all, an ambulance wrapped in school colors.

And show up early.

A championship team needs championship tailgating. Four hours of pounding beer might be way too long, so make it three.

If you have a choice of where to park, pavement, gravel, or mud, get dirty. It’s a Division 1 football game played on artificial turf. The least you can do is get uncomfortable.

Besides, you’ve got back-up if you’re near the Manbulance.

The array of seating inside Autzen is amazing. From a numbered bench seat, to seat with seat-back, to covered seat with seat-back, to luxury suite, let your wallet decide.

Advice to boomers, find an open air seat. It’s a football game, not the NBA, or opera. If you feel like you’re a throw-back, and you’ve been throwing them back, join the crowd, not a select few.

Cheer with gusto in an outdoor voice.

Any discomfort you feel attending a game in person is a tribute to the bone crushing, tendon shredding, action on the field. The only hit you’ll take is your backside to the bench, but doing it right makes you feel part of the team.

For the next game, identify the designated driver, open the cooler, and lay out the food. Do that and you’ll be a winner.

For a healthy Oregon victory:

Thank you, Phil. Looking good.

A potential menu from

  • Smoked Bologna Log
  • Smoked Catfish with a crawfish cream sauce
  • Fried Catfish
  • Hushpuppies
  • Southern Greens
  • ‘Dog Stew’

Winners do what losers won’t do. Be an Oregon boomer winner and mix in some bologna log.

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