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Deer House

What To Expect Between The Dream And The House House1

The next time a stranger starts talking about their baby boomer house, be kind.

They’ve most likely been down that road before.

No matter what kind of mansion, dump, or hovel they call home, you’ll never hear the whole story.

What they say: “We have a beautiful garden with lovely plants.”

What they don’t say: “The damn deer sneak in and eat them all. Jump right over the fence.”House2

What they say: “It’s like living in the forest. The back of the house connects to a green space.”

What they don’t say: “It was so cute seeing the squirrels play that I put in feeders. They drop so much from the feeders that a pack of rats moved into the ivy.¬†Sometimes it looks like a re-make of Willard back there.”House3

What they say: “The deck is so beautiful it reminds one of a cruise ship.”

What they don’t say: “The other owners had eight dogs that used the deck as their cat box until the wood rotted and someone fell through.”

Which way do Portland baby boomers go when they talk about where they live? Which way do you go?

Be consistent.

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