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Environmental Working Group and NW Boomer

What's in the water? Where to find out?

What’s in the water? Where to find out?

One is a guide for healthier living and toxin awareness.

The other is a lifestyle guide for better Boomer living.

They meet where the rubber hits the road, or the food hits the table, or the eye shadow hits the skin.

Where one guide is for everyone seeking a less toxic choice in a more toxic world, the other shows what to do while you’re sorting things out.

Environmental Working Group, EWG, shows up on a tremendous website.

Everything you need to know about environmental threats come under buttons labeled “About Us, News, Key Issues, Research, Consumer Guides, Support Our Work, and Take Action.”

Sub-headings include “Any, Toxics, Consumer Products, Energy, Farming, Food, and Water.”

Not much left off here.

NW Boomer works to raise the level of awareness, which is where EWG takes off.

Based in Portland, Oregon, you might read about poison air on boomerpdx with a link to Precision Castparts.

EWG brings it home. 

NW Boomer warns against too much sun exposure, but EWG warns against bad sun protection.

For most questions about how to live safer in dangerous times, EWG rules the roost.

With a little help, Portland Baby Boomers can feel safer too.

That’s a lifestyle change worth making.


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  1. Can you baby boomers just hurry up and die already? The younger generations hate you for what you have done to society, you boomers have destroyed society with your feminism, your liberalism, your pro-homosexuality, your multiculturalism, etc etc etc. In short, you baby boomers ruined America. Can’t you just hurry up and die already, so that we young people can start fixing the mess that YOUR generation created?

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hey John,

      Thanks for coming in. There’s a lot of sentiment similar to yours out there, that baby boomers will destroy Social Security, take more medical resources than anyone deserves, and in general get too much attention.

      But why not give them some credit for reshaping the modern world? The Greatest Generation set baby boomers up by winning WWII. The Silent Generation, those born during the Great Depression and WWIi, did their part, too.

      What did the boomers do with all the good luck and leniency from their folks?

      My mom and dad, for example, allowed me to work summers in fisheries and saw mills. They bought a kid car as long as the kids worked cutting and selling wood to pay for gas and insurance. They allowed me to pay my way through college and when I complained they allowed me to join the Army.

      You’ve go a good point, John, but watch the news when you hear about the epidemic of middle aged men killing themselves. They’re hurrying up like you said, but apparently doing it wrong.


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