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Farmer In The Boomer Dell

You’ve noticed the explosion of local produce and perishables in parking lots near you?

It’s an invasion of farmers markets and Portland has a great one.

Other cities do to, but after the PSU campus/Portland Farmers Market, what else is there?

You find guys dragging wet sleeping bags and asking for coffee money.  All PSU alums know the drill.

Homeless, recent graduate, or Boomer refugee? Or history majors from another era?

Portland Farmers Market is more than an organic, free roaming, flower child; more than a soup kitchen in the Haight. The goods are all there, but what stands out most? The smart crowd.

Watch carefully and you’ll see an ‘in the know’ expression passed between shoppers, between young moms raising their kids right and boomer couples fighting the effects of decades of modern TV dinners on aluminum foil ‘plates.

They’re both looking for the best food in Oregon, the opposite stance of post-WWII and  ‘modern’ packaged food and frozen veggies on young Boomers’ plate.

The nutritionally aware who cruise farmers markets have more in common than store shoppers.

They follow the markets. They know the schedule. They like the outdoors, parkas, and rubber boots.

A Farmers Market does that for you.

Boomerpdx Lesson: Instead of trolling Safeway for dinner, by-pass the middle man mark-up and get to know farmers. They live a vanishing way of life. Listen to them long enough and you’ll hear echos from an America when farmers were king.

Better Boomer says talk down to a farmer at your own risk. They’ll go science and nature on you so fast you’ll get left in the dirt of that conversation.

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