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Foodie For Thought.


Lamb shanks and squash soup. That’s what’s cookin’ for foodie.

You smelled what The ‘foodie’ Rock was cookin’?

It was a metaphor, medium rare, foodie.

In real life you’ve smelled food before it hits the table.

You’ve sat in Portland restaurants watching plates fly by trailing a scent stronger than a pheromone cat collar.

The next one’s got to be yours. Or the next. Until you get the jumps with anticipation.

You look at the other diners. Check your watch. They got theirs before you?

In Foodie World none of this matters.

A foodie could care less. She’s not there for the service.

She’s not really hungry either.

It’s all about what happens between the fork and lips.

After the Dystopian BBQ features their eFood mush of the day will Foodie World even exist?


Google efood and you’ll see a few foreign language sites among other apps for food delivery.

But efood for this post is Emergency Food.

You’ll want to eat well after the apocalypse.

Before listing the best efood for your panic room, what is the most urgent emergency food in the world?

To answer that we have to leave the world.

The most important efood is served on the International Space Station. And they don’t send back.

From’s favorite space foods:

1. Mystery Meals

“Space station flight engineer Garrett Reisman kept the cameras rolling while he sat down to dinner with his Russian crewmates and visiting shuttle astronauts in June 2008. Among the offerings: a can labeled “Appetizing Appetizer.” Nothing like a little mystery to spice up your life.”

Early space food from wiki:

Vostok I (1961)

“For lunch Yuri Gagarin ate three 160 g toothpaste-type tubes, which contained two servings of puréed meat and one of chocolate sauce.”

Not too foodie for the first man in space, but things got better for his fellow cosmonauts.

On the ISS the Russian crew has a selection of over 300 dishes. An example daily menu can be:

Breakfast: curds and nuts, mashed potatoes with nuts, apple-quince chip sticks, sugarless coffee and vitamins.

Lunch: jellied pike perch, borsch with meat, goulash with buckwheat, bread, black currant juice, sugarless tea.

Supper: rice and meat, broccoli and cheese, nuts, tea with sugar.

Second supper: dried beef, cashew nuts, peaches, grape juice.”

Expect as good with your efood choices.

It helps to read the ads on a gourmet emergency food search with a shopping tab.

You could try the “120 serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner bucket” for $260.00.

Let the mystery begin. In the bucket.

Investing in long-life foods is always a good idea” but when the prices start at $3062.84?

Feeding four people for a year breaks it down better. Hope the investment includes a can opener.

If you end up like the Japanese soldier who didn’t hear about the WWII surrender until 1974, you’ll want to be prepped.

“These long term emergency meals from Wise Company contain a total of 84 adult servings and have a shelf life of up to 25 years.”

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives eating freeze dried delicacies instead of the sort of food in the top image.

Just in case you do, live it up now. Learn to forage at the source.

On those wild woods mushrooms? Bring an expert along. Bring a foodie.

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