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Forbes Likes Baby Boomer Money For Holidays

And So Should You.

No performance enhancing drugs for the rider, just the boomer bike

Here’s Why:

  • “71% of Boomers go online every day.”

If your facebook wall looks like mine, you’d guess 70% are online searching for cute cat pics, or high fiving dogs. One percent are looking for ‘buying opportunities.’

And you’d be wrong, because:

  • They “spend $7 billion online annually.”

In long math it looks like $7,000,000,000. If Forbes is off a billion dollars up or down, it’s still a load of money spent online. Part of that is for you if you find the Boomer sweet spot.

  • “One in 7 boomers care for a parent or family member.”

In their secret life, the one hidden from the main stream slam, Boomers care for more than only themselves.

They care about being better parents than other groups. You get that with a generation wearing the Free Love tag where a sixty year old general decides it’s time to revisit the love-fest.

Instead of drop-out parenting, Boomers drop in. They helicopter in to save the day for their loved ones. It’s a habit that isn’t always welcomed by their kids or their parents. Helicopter Boomer parents on a college campus? Helicopter Boomer kids in the nursing home?

Some administrators turn over that welcome mat.

  • “66% send text messages (albeit not quite as many as their teenagers and grandchildren.)”

When a Boomer says they’d have a small to no relationship with their kids if they didn’t text, they learn to text. The problem in the beginning was believing that a text was the same as a face to face conversation, phone call, or voice mail.

Texting is another piece of the shared reality pie, and Boomers love sharing reality. And pie.

Here’s the kicker:

  • Boomers “spend more than any other generation on health care and pharmaceuticals.”

Call this the on/off part of Boomer life. They’ve seen their parents age. They’ve seen the light go out. Alzheimer’s, dementia, and chronic diseases like Parkinson’s robbed them of their parents company.

Boomers face aging from a different platform. Call it health awareness, or health panic. They want their lights on bright as long as possible. They chase new experiences while the clock ticks down on them.

Others may knock this as another example of self-indulgence in a self-centered demographic. Don’t take the easy bait. Instead, learn how they do it, and do it better.

Boomerpdx Lesson: They spend big bucks on luxury travel because they have to. They can’t plug a sleep apnea machine into a tent wall while camping on the side of a mountain. They fly first class because they don’t fit into the coach seats. They saw their parents hit the porch rocking chair and never get up. Lesson learned?

Better Boomer says, don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, just keep moving fast enough so it’s not all you hear.





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