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Did Fox Broadcasting sic Megyn Kelly on Newt Gingrich?

What happens when a legendary Ladies’ Man meets his match?

Fox Broadcasting just answered the question.

What we learned was some former has-beens need better handling.

Who goes on a ‘friendly’ network, like Fox Broadcasting, and alienates the audience?

If I wanted to see a sagging face under too much bad hair waving a finger, I’d look in the mirror.

But, instead I saw Newt, and I felt bad.

The poor man forgot he was no longer the Speaker of The House.

Mr. Gingrich, know your audience. Megyn Kelly can’t be bought.

Fox Broadcasting might be the channel of Trump news, the favorite channel of viewers with one hand on the remote, the other on their Roger Ailes doll, but The Kelly File could not have inspired them to greatness.

There’s the old hustler working for the President Trump cabinet appointment, and he runs into the worst of the worst.

Those old enough to remember, or good history readers, have to wonder if Mr. Gingrich ever saw someone as pretty as Megyn Kelly light them up.

Did he expect a warm welcome? Fox Broadcasting is usually a safe landing place. Not tonight.

Newt did his best, but how do you match Kelly point for point?

First, don’t bring up sex. Don’t say, “You are fascinated by sex.”

Newt, Megyn Kelly has to be the sexiest women you’ve ever shared a screen with. Don’t mention sex.

We’ve already forgotten your history. It wasn’t horrid, or terrible, even to this thirty year married guy with a record of Biblical allegiance to the marriage oath. No brag, just fact.

It was just sad, even by Fox Broadcasting standards.

Newt, you can’t compete with Megyn Kelly by calling her fascinated, intrigued, or obsessed, with sex.

You’re treading on the biggest asset for Fox Broadcasting, according to the complaints against the former boss.

The wildly attractive women of Fox work to keep viewers in line and away from other channels.

They dress and appear like fantasy figures because it keeps the audience’s attention.

You didn’t know this? Why did you fall for the trap?

When Kelly called Trump a sexual predator, you jumped higher than you needed.

Defending your man is admirable, commendable, but you went too far.

The rest of us wonder why you got so fired up. Megyn Kelly doesn’t. She has your number, which is apparently the same number as Trump.

Change, Newt, is the key word, not a stiff finger aimed at the camera.

Get on board, or get lost, which is how you looked on The Kelly File.

Last word?

“You can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, Mr. Speaker,” Kelly said as the segment ended.


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  1. Mark Mullins says:

    Great, Dave. Loved how you took him down, I used to kind of like the old goon.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      How odd that a once effective leader gets into a sex talk on television. If you’re not running for anything maybe it doesn’t matter. Or if you’re vying for a Trump cabinet spot.

      What are the chances that he accidentally took a viagra before he went on instead of a B complex vitamin and didn’t have such good circulation when he needed it.

      Megyn Kelly seems like a tough character, but too tough for Newt? I don’t think so. It had to be the pheromones.

  2. Mark Mullins says:

    I vote for the B vitamin foul up, “brain dead” sums it up.

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