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They came in the as Boomer Generation, leaving as a Generation Boomer.

Generation Boomer, at least those with millennial kids, lived up to the name.

Our Millennials lead the list of the ‘most populous generation’ category. And most photogenic.

You can’t be too smug when you’ve produced the biggest generation since the Baby Boomers, the original selfie crowd of Me Generation.

They come from a lot of places, these pampered little millie puppies, but the kids with boomer parents had a head start from the beginning.

You saw that coming, right?

Call it a branch of social evolution when millies absorb generation boomer views. Some of it soaks in, some runs off, just like always.

The kids from kids in their teens through the late 60’s and early 70’s carry that weight.

In most media the six years between decades were full of hippies and communes and weed and rock all day and all of the night. Along with the boogieman that was Vietnam.

Today the same peace and love folks cheer the military and slam the left, showing signs of learning as they’ve grown older.

As an older parent it was important to show both sides to the children.

Along with fairy tales they heard about The Draft.

Followed by Student Deferments.

Nixon was a good story to tell young children in the mid-90’s. They loved the impersonation.

Most of all generation boomer has created the one thing the over-taxed earth needs least: more people.

That’s a story for all. A never ending story of its own.

The damage done by overpopulation shows up in pollution, mental health, and once more, social evolution.

Does it look like crowding creates better manners? Once upon a time a simple wave from the horse and carriage was civil greeting enough between strangers.

Today you need to check your list of positions on every word. And people talk, more now than ever in a digital world.

A hand wave in a crowd might mean five different things to five different people.

Keep your cultural passport up to date or risk the bad thing.

Simple times change, people get older, and everyone ends up needing more reference, more proof.

Call it damage done by giving you a number and taking away your name, like a secret agent on their life mission.

The greatest damage done by generation boomer is imposing the innocence of their past.

Saving the earth is a cause, helping others is a cause, but you keep hearing this: Every cause is a lost cause until population controls work.

Boy, you got to carry that weight. A long time.

Do it for the kids.





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  1. Mark M Mullins says:

    Well said, good read

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Inspired by an old man in the gym in great shape. He explained the thing about lost causes and population, just not the part about solutions.

      I guess that’s up to everyone in their reproductive years. And we get to see if they make good choices, if they even have choosing on the table.

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