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global warming

The Arizona desert feels like the future of global warming.

I’m not complaining about one hundred ten degree days, and neither is the cactus.

But how much hotter would it get if global warming trends continue? Check the temps next week.

The weather news calls for potential records.

My home turf in Oregon gets record days of rainfall, or precipitation as the kind weatherman/meteorologist says.

The rest of us call it just another normal day.

So what’s it like when a waterlogged Oregonian takes a flyer in the Sonora Desert?

Global warming headgear

global warming

This hat needs another couple of feet on the brim, but any hat works better than no hat.

You’ll see people out about uncovered and their ears aren’t fried like pork rinds. Don’t take that chance.

This shot, and the one above, is east of Phoenix.

Arizona has rivers and lakes like normal places. People do drifts, boat, bike, the whole scope of outdoor fun.

No one mentions the fear of rising oceans in this climate change.

Picnic with a global warming twist

global warming

Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

Barbecue stand with a cement table and bench.

What’s cooking? You’re butt if you sit on the bare bench.

Cement looks like a bad choice until you see what the sun does to wood.

Still, imagine sitting here in a swimsuit.

If I cracked an egg on the table it would cook faster than you.

A National Forest

global warming

I saw the sign and looked for the forest, you know, trees.

This is the forest?

If global warming kicks in, how long will take all forests to convert?

Oregon, like so much in the Northwest, has forests full of dense evergreens dark and mysterious.

The mystery here is what critter will you scare up and find on your leg?

The cautious need to wear their snake guard socks.

global warming

The beauty is there, you just need to look.

global warming

Should you bend down and take a sniff of this pretty little flower?

Sure, just don’t get too close.

When it comes time to adapt to global warming, start early.

Arizona in the summer is just the place.

Follow the leader, Frank Lloyd Wright, and you won’t go wrong.

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