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get a life

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“Get a life” isn’t the worst thing you’ll ever hear. Don’t make it worse.

Get a life translation: What ever you’re doing is either wrong time, wrong place, or just plain wrong.

Get and new life and make better decisions? Is that the idea?

Before you transform yourself into someone you don’t know, don’t want to be, and want no part of, consider these simple steps to help.

Responses may very depending on conditions.

Give the person saying “Get a life” exact times and actions you plan to take in the next hour, and every hour after.

Keep saying what you’ll be doing, and where, and the precise time it all happens.

Don’t skimp on the details, that’s where the devil is, remember?

The devil is in the details. Skip the details and go straight to hell? Maybe.

Watch the other person for responses to you litany of lunacy. Read the non-verbal communication, the body language.

Look them straight in the eye so they’ll know you are so sincere you’re looking them right in the eye.

They’ll take it as THE TRUTH, which it isn’t.

Here’s what’s happening behind the facade:

You’re drilling down into the minutiae of life. The boring stuff, the things people do that don’t make headlines.

They don’t even make passable conversation, but keep it up until you hear this from them:

“Why are you telling me this? Am I supposed to care?”

Now it’s go time.

“Well, I don’t expect you to care. You showed that when you said ‘get a life.’ No one with any real feelings says that.”

“So why the agenda? Why the time part?”

And you say…wait for it:

“This is all part of the new life I’m getting, and I’m inviting you along for the ride.”

Hilarity ensues.

Hallmark Card worthy?

Get a life, would ya?

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