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A Five Year Search For Good Blog, Bad Blog.



Good blogs make money. Lots of money. Back up the armored car to the garage kind of money.

How do they do it and where can you find out how much?

Start with the right website. Let’s get bad blog out of the way. You’re on it. Now the good.

You’d expect a page called to know about money making blogs?

Shouldn’t The Richest be the richest?

The Richest ranked the top ten money blogs of 2014. But why stop there?

You can tell a good blog by first impression. The Richest looks like a good blog. It has a sidebar that includes links to celebrities who drive cheap cars, amazing bomb shelters, celebrity birth stories, hot legs in Hollywood.

BoomerPdx and the writer David Gillaspie, the guy who looks back when I look in the mirror, doesn’t cover the same beat. Why? Because is a bad blog. Remember?

There’s not one cat story or one image of a man getting bit in the face by a green snake.

In other words, no traffic. Sad, right? But no tears over spilled venom here. On to the big money blogs.

Top blog/blogger of 2010 according to TechPinas:

Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch pulls $200,000 a month with ad banners. Verizon and Samsung dominate the page above the scroll. Nice combo.

Good blog, bad blog? Single column with sidebar. Like the looks.

Top blog/blogger of 2011 according to…what? No data for 2011 on a ‘richest blogs of 201’ search?


The second listing on the search for richest blogs of 2011 is on a free blogging site. Ironic? It does have ads for Filipino brides, so you’ve got that advantage.

Good blog, bad blog? You’d want more for a blog round up post.

Top blog/blogger of 2012?

Ngozi Gold shows up on top for the search.

They list Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch making $8,000,000 a month. Eight million dollars. A month.

Mr. Arrington got a boost between 2010 and 2012. Or the numbers are lost in translation. Quite a jump from big money to huge.

Good blog, bad blog? There’s eight million reasons for being a good blog/blogger.

Top blog/blogger of 2013?

Smart Earning Methods lists Pete Cashmore and his Mashable. His name sounds perfect for a Dickens’ novel.

How much money does he mash a month? $560,000 – $600,000.

Mike Arrington dropped to second at $500,000 – $800,000. He took quite a drop, don’t you think? Or the numbers are wrong. On the internet? Come on.

Good blog, bad blog? With a name like Cashmore what’s not to like.

Top blog/blogger from 2014?

Arrington and Tech Crunch pulling $700,000 a month.

Makes you wonder if he did make $8 mil a month in 2012? Maybe he just had a good year? Or the numbers are wrong. Again.

Good blog, bad blog? Call Mike consistent. He’s a front runner every year.

The only dispute is the wiki news that AOL bought techcrunch in 2010. Today it lists forty one staffers. 41?

Top blog/blogger in 2015?

No data yet, but it’s still early.

The top listing for 2015 is for richest countries. Comes from Wikimake on blogspot.

Qatar is the richest country? That’s what it says. America is 7th.

Qatar’s biggest export is oil, it’s biggest customer Japan.

You might ask, “Is Qatar a country or a Scrabble word?”

We’re talking blogs and blogger here, pal. Do your own research.

Top blogger in Qatar? Mimiz Blog-Diary of a Qatari Girl.

She stopped posting in 2011. Here’s a sample:

ذهبت شراء لحم حلال من محل عربي قريب من المنزل. بالطبع، إن لم يكن البائع عربي الجنسية سيكون مسلم. طلبت منه كيلو لحم. سألني” “بالانجليزية “هل تريدين الشحم؟” أجبت كلا. ثم نظر إلي و ضحك، وهز رأسة يميناً و يساراً و قال “توقعت أن هذه ستكون إجابتك. أنتي لا تعرفين أن هذا الشحم هو ألذ شيء في هذه القطعة” لم أجب عليه و اكتفيت بالابتسام. ثم سألني “هل تريدين أن أقطع اللحم كذلك؟” أجبت نعم من فضلك. ثم نظر إلي نظرة سخرية و أومأ بيدة و قال بالانجليزية “بنات هذة الايام لا يعرفون و لا يستطيعون عمل شيء،  رحم الله نساء زمان”. قلت له “هل انت عربي؟” قال نعم. قلت “الرجل العربي هو فقط الذي ينظر للمرأة في حدود قدرتها على تقطيع اللحم. بدل أن أقضي وقت تعليمي في المطبخ قضيته في الجامعة لكي انتج جيل متعلم بحق”. لم يرد على كلامي. قطع اللحم بهدوء ثم انصرف.”

I’ll interpret:

“Michael Arrington and Tech Crunch are making more money than Qatar on a sunny day.”

Good blog, bad blog? Call it a dead blog. The internet is littered with the corpses of diaries and musings and thoughts.

If you’re a blogger, keep writing, keep posting, and keep making a difference. If one post helps someone, it’s more than anyone else has done for them.

Will and and Qatar partner with BoomerPdx?

That’s the $8,000,000 per month question between good blog, bad blog.




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