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Where ya been, Al? Welcome back. Image via news universe.

American Nobel Prize winners ruin the immigrant curve.

So far six Americans won Nobel Prizes in 2016.

All are immigrants.

Nor does this year’s success of immigrants to the US appear to be a one-off.  After analysing Nobel winners, Stuart Anderson, of the National Foundation for American Policy, found that immigrants have won 40 per cent, 31 of the 78 Nobels won by Americans in chemistry, medicine and physics since 2000.  The countries of origin of the Nobel-winning immigrants included Japan, Canada, Turkey, Austria, China, Israel, South Africa and Germany.

What’s that make the rest of us?

Here we are, small town Americans, big city American, suburban Americans.

We grow up, get jobs, move around some, settle down, raise kids, the whole nine yards.

Maybe we’d be Nobel Prize winners if we moved to Germany, or Scotland?

What if we used all of our fire power, our ‘home protection’ guns, and shot our way to a Nobel Prize.

Be sure you won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize with those tactics.

We’d win more if Sweden handed out Nobel Prizes for obesity, asthma, and heart disease, but that’s not the way it works.

You don’t win big for nothing. You’ve got to solve a problem, at least address a problem, and move the needle.

Donald Trump’s immigration talk might keep future winners home, but what about our home grown chances?

The recent citing of Nobel Prize winner Al Gore in Florida shows promise.

In a rare return to presidential politics, Mr. Gore, who was Bill Clinton’s vice president, joined Hillary Clinton for a 45-minute Democratic call to arms, vacillating between a familiar drawling delivery and the urgency of a seer sent from another era to warn future generations of prospective doom.

“Your vote really, really, really counts,” he said, in the state synonymous with his excruciating 2000 election loss. “You can consider me as an Exhibit A.”

There’s Donald Trump telling his people to be on the watch for voting irregularities.

Did it get more irregular than a candidate winning the state where his brother is governor, where rumors of voter fraud led to an election result determined by the Supreme Court on the vote from the man the candidate’s dad installed?

If any of that fell to an immigrant, they’d still be in jail.

George Bush, Senior and Junior, did their part to win in 2000, and by most guesses Trump could use some of their pull in 2016.

The 2000 Presidential election made America look like a backward country that can’t take care of it’s business on the inside.

The outside world had to wonder what the heck was happening, then they found out with Dick Cheney opening his can of Halliburton whoop ass from the Vice President’s chair.

Cheney is the man Mike Pence models himself after.

If Mr. Trump wants to steal an election, take a hint and quiet down. Look to the Bushes for guidance, Don. Loose lips need some grab action on them.

So Big Al’s on the road to help Hillary get over the hump of Donald Trump in the closing months.

Big Al is the closer you want coming out of the bull pen. He knows the game, carries the baggage, and pushes the presidential envelope.

Push it real good, Al. Do us a favor and bring the heat.

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