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Good Idea Or A Passing Fad?


Half Full Or Half Empty

None other than the great Jon Morrow says guest posting is still the best blogger game going.He knows this stuff.

His blog grows by leaps and more leaps with each post.

Today a blogger guest posted for him. He said all the right things, but the one that hit hardest was the number of people who subscribe to his blog after each guest post.

Check it out if you are blog inclined.

Peter Sandeen wrote “Why You Suck at Guest Blogging (and What The Pros Do Differently)

Pete says, “Say you write one guest post and get 300 people to click the link to your site. If your landing page’s conversion rate is only 15%, you get 45 subscribers. If the conversion rate was 65%, you would’ve gotten 195 subscribers (which is 150 more).

And that’s just one guest post.

After 10 guest posts, you would’ve effectively lost 1,500 subscribers. Sure, you’d still end up with 450 subscribers, which is nice, but you could’ve gotten almost 2,000 with a better landing page.”

He knows his stuff too and shares it with some high profile online marketers. Call it learning through better education. Baby boomers like this idea. Why? Because, face it, we’re the one-up generation. We need to be better than the rest.
Pete continues: Pick the right target and you could get hundreds of new subscribers with just one post – if a lot of the right people read it.But how do you determine if a blog is big enough? It’s not always easy. Sometimes you get lucky and they display their subscriber or monthly-reader numbers somewhere on the blog. You’re generally looking for at least 5,000 subscribers or 100,000 monthly visitors.
This is where I fall off the blog horse. At least 5,000 subscribers or 100,000 monthly visitors? Whoa, Nelly.
It’s getting toward the end of the month. It’s been a good month here at BoomerPDX, but not 100,000 good. Cut off a two zeros and add a little back and we’re having the best month ever.
Just not 100,000 best.

Good Bloggers Always Test For Effect

Good Bloggers Always Test For Effect

If you’re a writer using blogging to build your writer’s platform, do you guest post? Or do you keep it all in-house so your subscribers get all you all the time?

The business blogger writes for better visibility and conversion rates, increased sales and marketing. The writer’s platform is all about voice, or finding the right tone.

You might call a writer’s platform an excuse to avoid the hard work of sales and marketing.

Is that you? Look in the mirror and say you don’t care about blog traffic, about sales or marketing. If you blog, you care. Otherwise why not just yell your post out the window and hope someone hears it?

A smart man, a lawyer with big ideas, said, “If you have a book, or a book idea, and you’re not marketing, you might as well bury it next to a tree and hope someone digs it up.”

This is a man who has obviously never been clam digging. Bury your manuscript in a mudflat at low tide for a better chance of a digger finding it. Tree? Please. It worked in Shawshank Redemption, but this is real life.

Can Jon Morrow change your life with his blog? He changed his. How about Peter Sandeen? Are you a fan yet?

BoomerPDX welcomes guest blog pitches. Just read Jon and Pete before you hit send. We already rank locally for Portland boomer business and related Portland boomer key words like Portland boomer manners.

Why? Because business is about relationships and relationships are about manners, not cut and run.

Now about those 5000 subscribers and 100,000 monthly visitors…don’t forget to sign up.

(For the other side of the guest blog coin, read Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team.)

Need Another Opinion

Need Another Opinion





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  1. When I think of something your audience might want to hear from me, I’ll definitely pitch you! In the meantime, although I try not to comment unless I have something to actually contribute, I’m subscribed and here on a daily basis — always entertained, and always educated.

    (And still waiting to get big enough to meet Clooney, so I can put you in touch to pitch your script. )

    • David Gillaspie says:

      I think, David, that you are an ideal subscriber. The work you’ve done on shows true grit my friend. When you meet George and pitch him, remember this: Flying Home is part Titanic love story, part Good Will Hunting smart, and part Forrest Gump travel set in the turbulent times of pre-war MIT, the end of the War in the Pacific, and the beginning of the Military-Industrial complex.”

      In the meantime I encourage all of my entertained and educated readers to fly over to for a nice visit.

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