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How To Choose A Baby Boomer Expert

Are They Expert Enough?



Baby Boomers love classes.

They teach and learn.

Cooking French? Take a class.

Foreign travel? Take a class.

Speak Spanish? Visit a Spanish speaking country and take a class.

You get the idea. There’s nothing boomers can’t learn, or at least try to learn.

Blame the rush to organic food and cage free eggs on boomers.

Unfortunately you can also blame them for increased GMO crops and factory farming.

In fact there’s enough people in the boomer demographic to absorb credit and blame for nearly everything.

So how can you tell the difference between authentic boomers and scammers?

The easiest is the age test. If you’re expert was born between 1946 and 1964, they’re a boomer.

The cultural test, for want of a better word, is more difficult.

Did your expert take the brown acid at Woodstock? If yes, check why you’re interested in this particular expert. Look into their eyes for the twitching pupil.

On the other hand, that acid ought to be wearing off by now. Use good judgement.

Do they paint their hair to look younger? Whiten their teeth?

There’s no disqualification on hair and teeth issues, unless it’s orange hair with roots showing and teeth so bright they look blue.

Leave blue tooth for high tech, you’re looking for high trust.

By the evidence found in BoomerPdx Search Terms, I ought to be an expert in the mayan calendar, sniper equipment, and Ben Affleck. Those are the top three search terms used to find this blog.

None of the terms show any connection to BoomerPdx on the first five pages of a google search. Not that anyone goes five pages in on any search.

I’m an expert on the mayan calendar, sniper gear, and Ben Affleck because of search terms?

The posts I wrote on these topics show up on my site search because, well, I wrote posts and used the SEO of the Genesis platform.

It’s that easy, and that misleading.

I reviewed a film about the mayan calendar. I met a sniper. Ben Affleck needs to read a WWII script I wrote.

According to the mayan calendar we should be dead by now since time ran out. How do you feel?

According to the sniper I met, they are all good shots. The difference is experience dealing with conditions.

Ben Affleck? After seeing his direction in Argo, then his acting in Gone Girl, he looks like the best guy for acting and directing Flying Home. It’s the story of a regular guy-genius at MIT who joins the Army after Pearl Harbor against his father’s wishes.

Instead of playing it safe in academia, he wants to save lives with his inventions. He comes to a crossroad where he must decide to save mankind, or help destroy it.

If you know Ben, have him email me at deegeesbb at g mail dot com.

The timing feels right for an expert, a baby boomer expert.



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