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Do Not Feed Them Birthday Cake.


If you want them up and around, no cake.

They’re smart, in debt, and online. They know more than you.

Sure, boomers were the joy of their parent’s lives, at least the first four kids.

Now boomers share the joy. And it is a joy.

Our kids, the millennials, were planned and schemed. You get that with reproductive rights.

No surprises. Or maybe a few.

Sure we spoiled them. Time outs instead of the razor strop; dropped off at school instead of walking uphill ten miles in the snow both ways; didn’t make them eat everything on their plate.

What did we get for the trouble? Lazy, fat children? Are those your kids? If the media gets it right, they are all lazy and fat. Even the Olympian millennials are secretly lazy and fat.

Those professional athletes you cheer for? Most are millennials, and they have a fat, lazy secret.

Believe the news or not, the millennials are the generation of baby boomer hope.

What are your hopes for these snoozers? What has your millennial done for you today?

No need asking what you’ve done for your millennial. We already know that answer. Apparently, so does everyone else.

You’ve done everything for them.

Now boomerPDX wants to share a secret with parents of millennials: Good Job.



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