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polyface farm your life

On the way to visit Polyface Farms in Virginia. Even the deer look spry. Images via DG Studios

Balance is the key to Polyface Farm your life.

Fans of Polyface Farms and Joel Salatin know the drill: rotate animals from tract to tract, with other animals following and benefiting from each other.

Learning the tricks of the trade from Polyface Farms will help when personal doubt and concern overwhelm the day.

How is life spiraling out of control like a farm?

On a bad farm all the resources are drawn down, nothing grows, and you spend every dollar propping up a failed idea.

Millions of baby boomers, tens of millions, live like a bad farm, pouring earnings, savings, life blood, into short term wins.

And they’re losing. Turn the corner and Polyface Farm your life.

1. Change your point of view.

A different angle on problems reveals different solutions. If things look bleak where you are, take a step in another direction and review the problems.

Polyface Farms know how long a herd of cattle can stay in one place. You need to know the same about yourself.

2. Move your fences.

When the world opens up with millions of choices, it’s a big place. Too big for most people who feel it all at once.

Limiting your point of view doesn’t change the picture, you just see things a little at a time instead of getting road graded by too many options.

Polyface Farms keep a clock on their animals and move their fences accordingly. If the cattle and chickens and turkeys all had free range over five hundred acres, things would break down.

Using portable corrals helps critters focus on where they are.

Take a good look around and ask yourself, “Where am I?”

3. Strategic disturbance is the key.

Everybody gets in a rut. How long they stay there tells who they are.

How often do they rain on every parade they see?

How many times a day do they say something too crazy to believe?

How many times do you find yourself agreeing?

Polyface Farms uses strategic disturbance to avoid the farming rut, the food rut.

Instead of running a cattle herd over the same land year after year until it’s beaten down to mud, Polyface cattle are on the move. Followed by chicken, then turkeys, who all disturb the land in different ways, yet still benefit the grass.

The video below shows the film maker running his hand through a pasture that’s been grazed five times the same year. Lush is a word to describe it, but a cow might say more if it didn’t have a mouthful of that grass.

The trailer has a Polyface Farm worker explain how nutritional food improves health, mood, and relationships. I added relationships for readers who believe better health and better moods make for better relationships.

Disturb your fast food, junk food, fried food attitude with what I like to call Source Food, as in close to the source and minimally processed. Polyface Farm your life, in other words.

4. See a bigger picture.

The regular life rut means dragging out of bed, slugging coffee, driving or riding the bus, inhale a donut, grind the day out and go home to repeat it the next day.

What happens if you do the same thing, but mix in healthy eats, read the packaging of your food and consider its origins, use the energy you’ve got from real food to work smarter, filling your mind with the changes you plan on making.

Sound exciting? Imagine how it sounds to those close to you when they’re used to your Rut Life?

A tired mind wants to retreat until called; a refreshed mind seeks challenges. What you eat changes your mind?

Baby boomers around the world see changes and they work to lead the way. Like Polyface Farms, boomers are the canary in the coal mine.

A healthy Joel Salatin means others have a chance; baby boomers are ready to take chances.

5. Directed shame, constructive bullying.

Shame and bullying don’t come with positive feedback. Calling an overweight person fat isn’t helping them. Or you.

Bullying someone to do what you want them to do won’t ensure they’ll do it on their own.

However, if you look in your pantry and refrigerator and feel shamed or bullied into buying what you see there, make a small change.

6. Add something you feel good about before you eat it.

Maybe it’s something that didn’t tax the land, food that acts to restore the soil through Polyface Farm methods.

Like those who’ve rewired their response to factory farming by cleansing their biological system of the pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers associated with mass food production, you will see nutrition from another point of view.

polyface farm your life

Riding the train with grass farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms driving.

You don’t need to reserve a seat on the hay trailer to see the light, but you’ll be glad if you do.

Polyface Farm your life just a little.

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