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How To Travel Out West

Baby boomers come west for every reason, but there’s one most important when you start.

Know which way is west.


┬áNW Boomer says, “It’s thataway.”

You’ll know you’re in Oregon by the greenery.

Once you drop down from the hills you’ll think you’re in England.


Don’t let the patchwork beauty of local farming fool you.

This is working land, not some country estate cultivating the view.

Once you get the hang of western ways, you might want a new ride.


Local flavor is the way to go.

Choose your ride and saddle up.

Just don’t pick the crazy one.


To fit in better, park your million dollar motor coach.

Leave your custom Euro-cruiser in the garage.

Go ahead and show some local color.


At night you’ll need accommodations. Stay on-board, or venture out.

For all the wonder of the wide open spaces, you need a good night’s sleep.

Hotel, motel, or yurt, you’ll find the right place. Do the West the right way.


Wind down in the evening with one of the West’s great treats.

Craft brewing didn’t start here, but it’s taken root.

Would you rather stop and pay $25 for a case of this nectar from the Gods, or wait until you reach Portland and pay $10 for a six pack?

Be money smart on Terminal Gravity.


If you’re from the midwest and you see what looks like a funnel cloud, you know what to do.

But it’s Oregon. While not tornado-free, they are rare.

You don’t need to drive off the road and lay in a ditch when you see this.


It’s not a twister.

Not a dust bunny.

And it’s not a Hawaiian lava flow.


Often it’s best to keep things that aren’t a threat at arm’s length.

There’s no good reason to do anything but drive by.

But you’re an intrepid traveler. You want to know what’s going on.


Are they fertilizing?


Or sterilizing?


If you’ve never seen this before, it’s not an emergency.

Do not park the bus, or jump off the horse, soak your shirt in water, and smother the flames.

And don’t kick back and watch the excitement. If the wind changes….

You’re here in the West to see things. There’s more along the way.


Once you get to Pendleton, cruise through town.

It shakes, rattles, and rolls to the beat of a big rodeo.

You don’t need to ride the bull, just appreciate the effort from those who do.

If you have any questions, these are the folks to ask.


Put your best foot forward and shake hands with a firm grip.

The Real West was settled by people just like you.

They wanted an adventure just like this.

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