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hurt feelings


How to get over hurt feelings.

When bloggers go off message during inflammatory times, call it conscience. Like having a conscience.

When we go off message, we lose subscribers, readers. We lose income. Moola.

Over hurt feelings?

I’m no Muhammad Ali, but if speaking up makes a difference, do it. If you can’t say, “Take me to jail now,” for what you believe, then you don’t believe hard enough.

Can you trust a brand, a person, a blogger, if they hide behind their message when they could have said something?

Whether a crime, event, or party, if you’re fired up, get others fired up.

Michael Jordan is famous for his marketing advice when asked why he doesn’t take a side in elections.

“Republicans buy shoes, too.”

Maybe he’s got his people working on a new motto, like, “Muslims buy shoes, too?”

He’ll find some gains and losses with that one, some hurt feelings.

As a small count blogger, some might say no account, it’s hard to imaging why a reader would subscribe to boomerpdx for anything but the posts and a chance to read some fair and balanced writing on topics important to a wide audience.

Probably too wide. Probably not fair and balanced enough, either.

Both are good reasons for subscribers to comment before unsubbing. It’s not like you’ll lose that new eBook you downloaded for subscribing in the first place, or that discount on future BOOMERPDX UNIVERSITY classes.

Why not leave a note on the way out the door? Something like, “It’s been real, it’s been fun. But, it hasn’t been real fun.”

That won’t hurt feelings.

Engaging in the social media process is by definition engagement only if you engage in the process, like subscribe to a blog and leave comments. I’ll drop an inside note here, I’ve joined blogs about blogging and the same people from each perspective blog leave comments on each others blog.

This isn’t that kind of blog. If you subscribe and leave comments on every post, it isn’t a suck up. Not even close. All you’re doing is opening up to a different audience than you’re used to. I’ll tell you now, I’ve had some pretty illiterate comments posted, but they came from the heart.

So I edited them for capitalization, punctuation, clarification. You don’t want too many words in a row ending with the same sound. It’s awkward construction.

Unsubscribing is one thing, asking to remove any link or trace associated with a person and their business is even more. When that happened I was glad to comply. They were nice enough to ask. Hurt my feelings, just not enough to ask them about the offensive post.

Offensive current events make for offensive commentary, and by definition offensive posts. Any blogger or writer unaffected by the uproar from the Stanford rapist and Orlando shooter, who go about their work with a ‘business as usual’ flair, are hacks.

If you don’t take a moment to post your feelings about a convicted sexual assault guy getting coddled by the courts, and a gay assault weapon guy getting his hands on weapons, you’re not serving your audience.

You won’t be losing your subscribers like me, either.

Memo to readers: Boomerpdx has room for new subscribers. Join me for the latest.

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  1. Tim Sytsma says:

    Hey David
    I don’t comment on your blog much, but I am an avid reader and follow your work semi religiously. I agree with much of what you cover, when I don’t it often is thought provoking.

    That’s what the whole realm of public discourse and debate is all about, if you only listen to like minded folk on life, culture and society, and your friends all believe exactly as you do…then you never learn anything.

    You as a rule set up your point of view in a fresh, often outside the box approach. Even if I don’t always concur or agree.
    This makes for healthy re examining of ones own views on a variety of issues. Good stuff, dude.

    Its the same for me as Facebook, many of my Facebook contacts , friends and HS pals are card carrying progressive liberals. I, however…. am not.

    Go figure.

    Kudos to your work, keep blogging on my friend. Not all of us can, nor SHOULD be, conservative right wing leaning people… but hearing your reasoned opinions and thoughts on a variety of subjects keeps it lively and challenges my thinking.

    Besides, us ex wrestler history buffs have to stick together.
    Soldier on my friend, keep the blogger faith.


    Too much fun reading and occasionally yelling at the screen, to stop now.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Tim, if it was easy everyone would be a blogger. Coming up with ideas that turn into posts is a constant balancing act.

      Our lives change and we change with it. We’re not the same people we were last year, last decade, last millennium. Things change.

      Did I ever imagine getting married and staying married? Having kids who turn out to be the sort of people you like being around? Moving to the suburbs?

      Never. All that was for someone else. Turns out I was that someone. Thanks for the booster.

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