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So you think you can write a blog? Really?

If you hang out with writers, you’ve heard of THE BLOCK, writers’ block.

Sounds like this:

“I sit there like a writer. I fill up the screen with words. None of it makes sense. Day after day I delete, then delete some more. I’m lost.”

Lost, they say. Lost in format, form, plot, and structure.

Make you feel lost just reading that last sentence? Blocked?

Maybe you’re a writer and don’t know it if you are. Blockage does that.

Relax, it won’t last. Probably.

But, you don’t have the luxury of blockage with a blog. It’s a different deal.

No excuses.

Pretty harsh, right?

Bloggers are different than other writers.

A novelist can wait for the right ‘mood’ to strike, then hurl out sixty thousand words after their block dissolves.

Then another sixty thousand to match the first sixty to round out their story.

Blogs die a painfully slow death if bloggers claim writers’ block. And you have to watch.

Moment by moment traffic flow diverts to a better blogger, and it’s not you.

You’re a blogger for a reason. You need a reason. Being a writer isn’t enough.

Blogs have a purpose, or ought to.

Either sell the gear you make, and blog about it; sell affiliate stuff, and blog about it; or do sponsored blogging, and blog about.

Write about mentors.

Write about companies. (Scroll down the page here.)

Write about singers.

Write about places.

Substitute blogging for writing. Blog about it means write about it.

Now don’t make a face. Blogging doesn’t mean you turn into a shill, but if it does, and you’re good, you’ll make money.

Big money promises come from blogs, like ‘HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS BLOGGING,’ along with ‘HOW TO MAKE $30,000 BLOGGING,’ and ‘QUIT YOUR JOB AND BLOG.’

Sounds promising, right, especially this: “$30,000 may not sound like a lot of money, but…”

After I read that I imagined anyone opening an envelope with $30K inside. It’s not millions, but it’s still a nice little pile.

If blog money is your goal, google SEO, content marketing, affiliate selling, and blog sponsors.

Read, copyblogger, anything that gives advice you relate to.

Once you start making money blogging, you can’t stop blogging. That’s now how it works.

Writers’ block not allowed on the gravy train.

So you’re locked and loaded with a PayPal account aiming a river of cash into your bank.

It’s all good until it isn’t.

Whether dollars or clicks, when they dry up go ahead and panic. Maybe scream a little.

Then start digging out.

You’re being robbed one way or another.

Hacked, google updated, or the consequence of black hat SEO, you are dying on the vine.

Is your site safe? Check scamadvisor.

Is it legal?

Do other sites use your images and content?

Are those sketchy sites linking to your blog?

Go ahead and dwell on the questions, but keep writing.

Whether you like your content, or anyone else likes it, keep writing.

It’s what bloggers do.

Write, write, write, and make it as good as you can. Then write more.

Last thought: If water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on, you won’t know what’s up with your work unless you write.

Or maybe you don’t want to know any more than you already do?

Don’t want the bubble burst?

Maybe it’s writers’ block.

Or maybe you’ve got some delusion.

Either way, write it out and make it into something.

It might suck, but you’ve still got to do something with it.

This is a big step. Take it.

Writers’ block? Come on, man.

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