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It's empty since you quit smoking with Jane Conboy's help. Good job!

The smoking bench sits empty since you quit with Jane Conboy’s help. Good job!

If nothing else, Baby Boomers seek one-of-a-kind, original, experiences.

No off the shelf gear for this picky group. No out-of-the-box baloney for them.

They want something delivered in goods and services that means more to them than anyone else.

Boomers invented the personal computer, and we customize them to fit out unique view.

Boomers didn’t invent cigarettes, but like generations before them, they smoked them if they had them.

Boomers took the streets in San Francisco during the 60’s with habits long ingrained.

(Who rode to school on a cold day with the windows rolled up while the old man burned a heater and thought nothing of second hand smoke?)

Talk about cigarettes and you’ll hear stories about sneaking them out a parent’s pack and lighting up in the woods. The groovy generation bought cigs, or rolled their own. Some added weed to the line up.

As the decades drifted by, many responsible boomers gave up marijuana but found themselves saddled with a cigarette habit. They talk about quitting. The joke is the smoker who quits every night and starts every morning.

Not so funny when you join the ranks of cancer victims.

In todays brave new world, boomers in their fifties and sixties have learned about the medicinal value of marijuana. When they trade their prescriptions for a medical marijuana card, it’s all legal.

The brighter boomers recognize they need to give up cigarettes sooner than later. As we age, our immune system isn’t as strong. Smoking cigarettes and weed is a stack of heat and smoke to ruin even the best lungs.

If you’ve been smoking for decades, you already know the score. An over=taxed system from cigarettes is headed for failure by loading up marijuana. But it’s medicinal, so which one do you quit?

Check the tobacco box.

So you chew the nicotine gum, wear a patch, and you’re infused with anti-smoking power. Except it’s not working. The smoking habit has certain rituals, and substituting one smoke for another makes it easy to backslide.

The medical marijuana got you off the cycle of pills your doctor prescribed, but you’re nervous about the health consequences of tobacco. Maybe it hurts to breath. Your chronic cough gets worse.

You’re ready to stop, but you still find a Camel straight hanging on your lip when you look in the mirror.

How can you stop? Ask Jane Conboy, Certified Hypnotherapist. She has an answer.


“Would you like to quit smoking? Or stop chewing or dipping?

I can help you to stop smoking & using tobacco in any form NOW.”

  • The program:
Stop Smoking, Chewing or Dipping Program $300
If you really hate smoking & tobacco in any form and what it does to you – and you really want to quit – you can. Together we can have you become a non-smoker and non-tobacco user now.
The program includes:
1-3 Sessions (most of my clients quit at the first session)
1 Support CD
1 year Guarantee- if you start smoking within a year I will see you again for free.
Depending how much you smoke your investment would be probably 1 to 2 months of cigarettes or tobacco products. If you don’t invest it to quit it is all going to go up in smoke anyway.
Call me for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to see if this is the program for you.

$300? Consider the price of cigarettes. Three hundred dollars won’t buy as many cartons as it used to, buy you won’t be a customer. $300 might get you in the door of a medical facility to treat smoking related disease, but you won’t be going there.

Quit smoking with Jane Conboy and eliminate the lie you’ve been practicing. No one can say, “I didn’t know smoking was so bad for me, at not least not as bad as it is.” Read the warning labels. Smoke and you’ll die. If that’s part of your personal program, change it.

Let Jane help. She can customize a program to fit you.

Wish things were different in your life? Call for a Free 30 Minute Consultation to see if I can help.

Jane Conboy

Call 503-703-3703 or email”

She’s here in Portland, Oregon and ready to listen. Tell her BoomerPdx sent you.


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  1. It’s difficult to find well-informed people on this topic,
    however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    • David Gillaspie says:

      When it comes to smoking, or stopping the smoke habit, going extreme is okay. Once you do stop, your extreme actions won’t seem so extreme.

      Do what you’ve got to do and stick to it.

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