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Jason Nazer, The Millennial New Daddy

Old Daddy

Son, please read Jason Nazer’s article and show your brother, too

Millennials need more help than they got at home.

That doesn’t make baby boomers bad parents, but it might feel that way.

On, Jason Nazar wrote an article called, “20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get.”

What gives him such insight? He’s a thirty four year old entrepreneur.

Jason is no slacker. The company he started and owns,, has 30 million members with 25 million monthly visitors.

How do those numbers match up with the rest of the web?

Docstoc is one of the top 500 sites visited in the world. On top of a huge website, Jason also carries a BA, an MBA, and a law degree.

He’s a heavyweight, but why’s he picking on baby boomer kids? Because they deserve it, they’ve earned it, and he’s close enough in age for them to listen.

Call him the New Daddy.

NW Boomer likes what he says, so why not help out? The following adds to Jason’s insights with a boomer twist.

  • Time is Not a Limitless Commodity

Boomers look at baby pictures and go back twenty five years in a flash.

Millennials look at a clock like it’s a Chinese puzzle they can’t figure out. Jason gets it right.

Boomers feel time running faster than ever. So should everyone else.

  •  You’re Talented, But Talent is Overrated

We told our bundles of joy they could grow up and do whatever they wanted.

In early sports, no one lost. Everyone got a trophy. Happy times.

Jason knows talent better than you. He created Startups Uncensored. Check it out.

  • We’re More Productive in the Morning

As mentioned above, Jason knows how to tell time.

The clock is running on all of us, some faster, some slower, but you can’t ignore it.

Find your productive time and produce something you’re proud of.

If it attracts 30 million fans, all the better.

  • Social Media is Not a Career

What’s the sound of every SEO ‘professional’ dropping their analytics?

Boomers have Social Media flung at them every day. Some things stick.

Will our kids pick up the excess? X-box is not a career either.

If millennials understand social media well enough to make boomers feel stupid when they explain Google+, then there’s balance

  • Pick Up the Phone 

One Boomer friend travels to India on business. He could do it on Skype, but that’s not the deal.

Another man runs a sales team. He could do it on email, but he sees them in person.

Is that Old School, or just good business practice? Your face is important.

When the millennials among us ask, “Why?” which they like to do, stare at them and smile. Then say, “This could never happen in an email.”

  • Be the First In & Last to Leave

What’s the difference between success and failure for small business startups?

The answer is in the parking lot. If it’s empty after five o’clock, failure is waiting.

Jason used to stay on task until 3 a.m. Look at the results.

  • Read More Books, Fewer Tweets/Texts

Stretch your brain. Follow a train of thought.

In a hyper-attentive world where deleting is more fun than reading, use your secret weapon.

Books expand possibilities. New tech doesn’t always dump the old.

Printed words on a page still pack a punch.

  • Your Reputation is Priceless, Don’t Damage It

Are you a risk-taker, an adrenaline junkie, a thrill seeker?

Do you walk on the wild side, hang with a sketchy crowd, and dance your own dance?

One baby boomer blogger says live it up, but keep on eye on tomorrow. All the ink and piercings have their day of reckoning.

Someone important will eventually say, “You were this close, but the visuals…I can’t see this working out.”

Brave new worlds aren’t so brave once you step outside your comfort zone. There’s a good reason for only one naked bike ride a year in Portland, one Oregon Country Fair.

Aim your lifestyle the direction you want to go and plan accordingly.

Who you are today will change, but not what you are.

Be sure and give a big thank you to Jason Nazer for laying some groundwork.












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