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If you only have room for one NFL team jersey? Jason Witten.

One reason? He’s the new Mr. Cowboy.

Another? He was an athletic and academic college all-American.

He’ll answer any question you ask, and probably questions you don’t.

Like, “Who deserves a Super Bowl ring more than anyone else in the NFL?”

Jason Witten is one of a long line of Cowboy greats. That’s a celebrated list and he’s rising to the top.

How can he add more life to his life? He can’t, but your life is another deal.

Imagine yourself at a low point. Somehow your life has dipped lower than any other time.

You can wait to hit bottom and see what sort of bounce you’ve got.

Or pull on your Jason Witten jersey.

If you’re too weak, or for some reason embarrassed to be a grown man wearing another grown man’s name on your back, drape it over a chair in sight.

You know the power of the Witten jersey, but others might not. That’s why you need it on view.

Anyone with a pre-existing condition knows the drill: Life Goes On.

Every doctor has time off. Every nurse goes home after their shift. The techs have their own life, and it doesn’t orbit around your needs.

Their lives go on, but you’re back there stuck in grip of whatever malady you suffer.

You know they care about you, but wonder if they care about your insurance viability more.

Jason Witten insurance is better insurance.

He reminds you to show up and make the best effort you’ve got.

You don’t feel good, don’t feel right? Those are feelings Jason Witten helps with.

If you can go, then go. If you think you can’t go, stop thinking about it and go.

Do your loved ones a favor.

Overcome like Jason Witten.

Wear the jersey. You’ll be glad you did.

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