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Finding the best funding means Entrepreneur Leadership.

Asking for money is one thing.

It’s all part of entrepreneur leadership.

Asking rich guys for money?

That’s another thing.

Asking famous rich guys for money when you’re a famous rich guy who says he’s $53 million down?

That’s Kanye West reaching out to money with big names attached to the pile.

And that’s the mystery. Why ask famous rich people for money?

Is facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg a Kanye fan?

If he was we’d know all about it from the Kardashians and they’d have each other’s number.

Or his people would talk to their people. It’s a people thing with celebrities. It has to be.

What other explanation is there for tabloid headlines?

If microsoft’s Bill Gates eases into a smooth evening after a hard day fighting malaria listening to some Kanye, it probably “I Am God.”

The second verse has special meaning with entrepreneur leadership on the line.


[Verse 2]
I just talked to Jesus
He said, “What up Yeezus?”
I said, “Shit I’m chilling
Trying to stack these millions.”
I know he the most high
But I am a close high
Mi casa, su casa
That’s that cosa nostra
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god


Angel investors needed for a god.

Instead of tagging big names for big money, expand the search Kanye.

Look at the graph on top and notice China has a whole lot of billionaires no one has ever heard of.

If it’s about money, and not who gives it, look at China and Chinese billionaires.

Entrepreneur leadership seeks funding for growth and development. Why not approach China?

Kanye’s latest effort, The Life Of Pablo, has already been illegally downloaded half a million times. Not even Adele gets that many.

Since China shows its own brand of entrepreneur leadership in product piracy, look there for a financial assist.

Then answer the baby boomer question: Who is this guy?

After that, let’s talk about you investing in BoomerPdx. Mark? Bill? It’s me, Dave.



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