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Learning From The Shrill Baby Boomer

Is It Talk Or Squawk?

The New Garden Voice

The New Garden Voice

Have you asked a question and the person answering jumps into the middle of something you’ve never heard?

“How’s it going?”

“Oh, you know, it’s like, it never stops, if you know what I mean, rolling along like nothing matters and then it does and you’re stuck.”

All you did was say hello and in return got what sounds like a med-alert.

Boomer climbs a ladder next to the house and hears,

“What is wrong here? Do you know how old you are? Broken bones don’t heal fast. I don’t need more to do. Stop.”

Boomer puts new license plates on a car in the rain and hears,

“That’s not the way they do it at the dealership. They do it right. Let them do it. Come in out of the rain, or stay out there, just leave the car alone.”

Boomer hooks up a DVR and gets,

“The error message says there’s no problem, but there’s no picture. That’s not a problem? Like I want to record static? News flash, I don’t.”

The wise baby boomer has heard it all before and let it roll. Is today any different? Probably, or the voices you hear wouldn’t sound like an air raid siren and make you start looking for a bomb shelter.

Whether cheers or jeers, boomer brothers and sisters, decide your day will be great and stick to it.

Do you know how to stick to it? Start off by doing the right thing and it’s self explanatory.



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  1. This in response to your teen boomer article, Jan Smithers had an odd life, per Wikipedia

    Smithers grew up with her parents and three sisters in Woodland Hills, California. She attended William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills. She first reached the public eye as a teenager, when she was featured on the March 21, 1966, cover of Newsweek, seated on a motorcycle.[1][2]

    From 1986 to 1995, she was married to actor James Brolin and was stepmother to his two sons from a previous marriage; they had one daughter together, Molly. Smithers was previously married to Kipp Whitman.

    Although she had been living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Smithers retired from show business in 1987 and now lives in Ojai, California. [1]

    After her car broke down on an isolated stretch of highway in September of 2007, she was hit by a truck after the driver caught sight too late of the completely naked 58-year-old waving him down. She recovered from her injuries after the accident, but family members at the time feared her health issues might be more than a few broken bones. A family friend told the National Enquirer she feared Smithers suffered a mental breakdown following the death of her father. “Everyone thinks Jan felt abandoned and snapped – a complete meltdown.”

    Ironically, police called to the scene of the accident found nothing wrong with her car and were puzzled as to why the actress stopped for help. Smithers couldn’t remember anything about the accident or why she was driving naked in the middle of the night

    • David Gillaspie says:

      The Newsweek picture of her on the back of a motorcycle in 1966 shows one thing: she raised the cute bar for all of America.

      The funny thing about family history is what’s left in and what’s left out. I think we can agree on one thing, if we’re ever stopped by the police while driving around naked, have a good story.

      Thanks for coming in Alex. Families and careers in Hollywood always have twists and turns. What else would you call it when Barbra Streisand is your kids’ step-mom like Ms Smithers?

  2. Do you have a point Nancy?

    • David Gillaspie says:

      The main point, whether conducting a parent/teacher conference with someone who can’t remember their kid’s name or listening in on one-sided communication, is believing in what you do. Or what you would do if it came to it.

      I know a man who sky dives after one landing left him in bad, bad, shape. He jumps because he believes there are only two kinds of people, those who fear the unknown and those who fear the known.

      He fears neither. You shouldn’t either. Carry on and check the panty-waist at the plane.

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