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man's game

Curry fakes under the basket, just him and LeBron, and he’s going to show the world how it’s done. Except LeBron doesn’t bite and smacks the shot away. Then looks back. “Get that cheese out of my house.” via

Game of the year or MAN’S GAME OF THE YEAR?

The Cavs needed their biggest star to stop being LeBron the facilitator and become LeBrawn the hammer.

Then I googled LeBrawn. Not exactly the idea I was aiming for, but still within the metaphor.

The Game Six outcome was foretold in the beginning when a low camera angle for introductions caught LeBron looking like Sean Penn in Mystic River. Right or wrong, vengeance would be his.

He looked right. He looked ready. Then he lost the ball on a strip in the paint early after an outlet pass from Kevin Love while doing a fancy Euro-step instead of plowing the defender.

That was the last time he finessed his way in. After that he went full LeBrawn in a LeBronimation game he couldn’t lose.

If he can’t pick up his team and carry them home, he sucks, is the common thought. That’s a LeBronopinion. He had to win.

If Cleveland loses, the LeBron is officially old, a King In The Winter Of His Days.

If Cleveland wins? Fountain of Youth, baby. Older sports fans need that. Seeing an ancient LeBron pound the youngsters is why we tune it. Like a statue of a Greek God come to life, LeBron plays man’s game.

Ancient LeBron? He’s thirty one, thirty years younger than me at sixty one and I’m rooting for the old guy?

The Cleveland Cavaliers need their man to play man’s game for any chance to win the NBA Finals. That’s not news.

They need to go warrior on the Warriors and play team ball, not the one on one game. And they did.

One sequence showed how far the Cavs have come. Dropping back on defense, JR Smith walks by Curry with an arm up to signal something. He accidentally rubbed his sweaty arm pit on Curry’s head.

Accident, or man’s game?

Then Curry switched on a screen and picked up LeBron just in time to get dropped by the L-train.

He looked up after being called for blocking with his sweet face asking, “Hey, I’m Steph Curry. Remember?”

No Curry Man’s Game Rules. Yet.

In a short span Curry gets JR’s pit job and LeBron’s shoulder. Perfect man’s game. If Curry keeps stepping onto the tracks he’ll end up with a concussion and a dead arm.

The hit confirmed to everyone who wonders if LeBron could play in the NFL. The man knows how to launch a hit.

It was a Cavs night with all the trimmings. Impossible feeds, frightening cuts, and a reminder that old man LeBron has averaged 32 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists over the last eleven game.

Not bad for a geezer, or Geezer MVP?

Sean Penn says make it happen, Cleveland.

man's game

Mystic River game face, via

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