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Life After Luxury Still Means Death, But In Comfort


If you’re older, get out with younger people. If you’re younger, invite your old man and your ma out. posted a hot topic with ‘Doctors Reveal Which Everyday Habits Trigger Aging And Inflammation.’ Hey, where’s the luxury? Aging and inflammation doesn’t sound like luxury.
Why? Because it’s not. I can hear some of you now say, “But we like luxury, we need luxury.” That’s what all luxury addicts say.
Smart boomerpdx readers might want to skip the rest of this post and click the link. The clock is ticking.
The rest of you relax, unless you’re from Boston who click and forget. Maybe not relax too much, since that might age you and trigger inflammation.
I’ll cover the topic in depth, starting right now.


If you’ve been here before, then you know how it works. Successful bloggers make their message all about helping you, the reader, figure something out. Something important.
Doing that sets up a dynamic relationship between the giver and the recipient, but let’s be honest, you already know enough stuff. The only reason you bother reading any blog is to check if anyone agrees with what you already know.
And you do know this stuff.



1. Stop Spending Your Day in a Chair



Historically this is important. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio that dropped him in a wheelchair and he didn’t spend all day sitting. Neither should you. If FDR can manage, so can you.
Sitting in an ergonomically designed chair is still sitting. Do a few squats before your toes go numb and all you can feel is tingling.



2. Get Enough Vitamin D



Get outside, but don’t be stupid and burn your skin. What’s the correct ratio? Look at the pictures of retirement cities where everyone looks like a roasted nut. Let that be your guide.


3. Lift Weights



“But I don’t like to sweat.” Do don’t lift like mad.
“But it’s so heavy.” Then lift light.
“I’m afraid of gym germs.” Then don’t put anything in your mouth, or touch your eyes.
I come from a proud history of heart disease and diabetes on both branches of my family tree. I’m the only one who lifts religiously to avoid both. Then I got hpv16 neck cancer. I couldn’t lift my way out of that, but I can lift my way back. That’s a luxury open for all.


4. Get More Sleep



Early to bed and early to rise just means you’re old, or getting older, or just infected with common sense. Get sleep while you can, before you go mental and start waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks with your heart pounding out of your chest.
Never going happen to you?


5. Don’t hate your job



You know this stuff. Young reader, does this make sense to you when you roll out of bed after a boozed up night of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, set PR’s in the gym, and spend the day in a chair hating your boss?
Give it time for the luxury of your years to wear thin.



Work Through The Chatter



The bigger the headline, like an H1 tag, shouts for attention. Do we pay attention? Of course. But it’s the whisper that’s easy to miss.
The heart disease whisper, the cancer whisper; the self-esteem whisper, the defeatist whisper. We don’t hear those, or choose to ignore them.
Let boomerpdx be your guide. Better yet, guide boomerpdx. Readers around the world and across America, men, women, and children, expect your comments. They’re waiting.
If you’re in Boston, say something to show you’re not an auto-dial.
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