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Male Abuse Handled The Man Way Works For Women


male abuse


Sports talk star Jim Rome has the sort of face that asks to be punched. He’s that good, my favorite sports personality. And he talks the best smack on radio, hands down.


Even his respectful interviews even sound like verbal male abuse.


I grew up during the reign of Howard Cosell, another guy with a face that says, “Punch me.” He interviewed Muhammad Ali so many times, but it never happened.


It did happen for Jim Rome.


He had a television show where he invited sports guests to do interviews one on one across a round table. One day his guest was former LA Rams quarterback, All-Pro Jim Everett, who’d been traded to the Saints.


This is a class on men dealing with verbal abuse.

One calls the other a girl name, the other says don’t say it again. Jim Rome said, “Chris.” Jim Everett tipped the table over, pushed Rome down, and looked for a moment he’d do the classic rag doll of ‘Yank the guy off the ground into your fist three times and act like nothing just happened.’


Everett stood over Rome, then the staff jumped in.


The strange thing today is In spite of the sort of career an NFL quarterback is lucky to have, Everett is more known for his face to face with Jim Rome. That’s when I became a Rome fan, though not in a stalky sense.


It brings to light how some men deal with conflict. I’m not saying a beat down is the solution to anything, but a physical response to uninvited physical or verbal male abuse, isn’t new.


I thought of the two Jims working things out their way when I read about the first President Bush allegedly sneaking a little ass time during a photo shoot with a lovely young woman on one side and wife Barbara on the other.


male abuse


That was the scene of the crime in 2014.


Learning of it three years later doesn’t lessen the ‘urp’ factor. With your wife standing by you decide to have a little magician joke with the punchline ‘David Cop-a-feel’ and grab some ass to heighten the comedic impact.


With those chops the first President Bush could have been in show biz if politics and oil hadn’t worked out. And the question of what sort of father-in-law is he with his sons’ wives has to come up. Urp.


I’m not happy with the idea of one of my favorite presidents, with his CIA experience I affectionately think of him as the American Putin, is a male abuse ass grabber of women who report it three years later. Now we’re waiting for the other high heels to drop.


And they will.


She reported three years later, or at least that’s when I read it, and it doesn’t lesson the situation, just the impact. What is her name? We’d know it by heart if she’d taken a different approach.
Classes would use the video if she had trapped old George’s hand, turned to the camera and bopped him upside his head with his own hand and said, “Mrs. Bush, I believe this belongs to you.”


Jim Everett told Jim Rome not to call out his manhood, not to call him Chrissy Evert again.


He did and they went to the ground and pound, or at least the carpet in the TV studio.


If Heather Lind had given former President Bush the smack he deserved she’d have her own show. Or be in jail?


Talk to a few older guys, the Greatest Generation crew, and see what they have to say about ass grabbing. More like the Gooser Generation. Is there a difference between a pat and digging around back there? Ah, Mr. President, I believe that’s a male abuse question for you.


The cultural explanations coming from the Hands On Generation don’t work for Baby Boomers. We can’t say, “it was the time I grew up in, it was normal to grab asses and slobber kiss strangers.”


Why? Two words. Women’s Lib.
Say what you want about boomer parents helicoptering their millennial kids, but a large section of baby boomer women have actually stepped back from the hard line of early women’s lib. At least they’re not as angry at boomer men for starters, not when they have kids to vent on.


A man in his sixties claiming influence by association with the Grabber Generation is impossible. Ask a few sixty five year old women about it.


For a man in his nineties to grab ass from his wheelchair? Ask Heather Lind.
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