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Matt Love Falls For 1970

The Doors and Friends

The writer Matt Love, the teacher Matt Love, the publisher Matt Love.

That Matt Love, loves 1970.

By chronicling the year in books like The Far Out Story Of Vortex 1 and Sometimes A Great Movie, could he be building something bigger?

Maybe 1972? It’s all set up for a career opus. Here’s the research:

The Rainbow Family gathered in 1968. They pitched tents for first Rainbow Gathering in 1972.

Deadheads got seriously on the road around then.


The Oregon Country Fair opened in 1969. The Grateful Dead played there in 1972.

Coincidence, or convergence?

A strain of Kesey running through it all.

This is the twisted story left on the table of a local McMenamins:

Late baby boom writer born the same year Sometimes A Great Notion is published, grows up to write about the making of the movie.

During the research he finds copies of Kesey’s early work, Zoo and End of Autumn.

He discovers an encrypted message on page number nine on each book, when combined show a map to the buried Kesey treasure of pages, the original scrawls for One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest. It’s a storyboard showing the doors of perception opening up.

Hilarity ensues.

It’s right there for Mr. Love. All he has to do is stay after school and write it.














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