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memory cue


How long ago was 1979?


The Brooklyn Union Gas Company makes the call.


How often do you run across things, not your things, that remind you of a different life?


Then it’s your stuff and you don’t remember.

Luckily I’ve got a memory cue from the gas company in 1979. I took a lunch train to Dekalb Station for an appointment to get the heat in my new place turned on.


Check the date issued: 1-9-79. Winter in Brooklyn. It’s what sends people to Miami.


Use a memory cue to hold onto the old days. Since we just had an estate sale of my mother in law’s stuff, memories are over flowing.


What to keep, what not to keep, not just stow away in some mini-storage, but actually get rid of.


The best advice? Choose something symbolic and small for a memory cue. Like a gas refund check.


I got my gas turned on by a freaking warlock working for the gas company, goat head jewelry, inked face and forehead, the whole deal. Even got invited to a meeting, but I had to catch the train back to work.


Yep, it’s a sweet memory cue when you dodge devil worship recruiters.
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