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mexico travel


First thing you’ll need is a new hat. Pick one, maybe two.


Once you get into the swing of things you can adjust.


Not a hat person? You are now.


mexico travel


Puerto Vallarta has a one way main road going in and out to travel Mexico.


The speed limit? Since the street is paved with large river rock pretending to be cobble stones, go as fast as you like before vibrating sideways.


And be on the watch for unusual vehicles.


mexico travel


Part of learning about other places is seeing how things are built.


In Spain I saw a wall built around a Roman arch.


This Mexico travel shot shows three building sites using different materials all matched up.


What is the building code? What is the electrical code?



Power distribution is an incredible sight. It looks like it could blow up, but it’s not blowing up.


The building look like they could fall down, but they’re not.


Bringing an outside point of view is important, but leaving with better understanding is the biggest take away.


mexico travel


Once you’ve seen enough for one day, make a stop to recharge.


This church could be anywhere, but instead it’s near the beach.


And it’s inviting you in.


See Mexico Travel Part one here.


Part three coming up takes a look at Mexican travel after dark. Night time Vallarta.
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