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Mirabella Portland Makes A Baby Boomer Difference

What’s the most important condition in choosing where to live?

If you look at Mirabella Portland images in the Oregonian, you might think it’s where everything is bright and shiny.

Because it’s new, everything is bright and shiny, but that’s not the answer.

You like getting up feeling rested? That’s got to be the most important condition. But no, that’s not most important either.

Mirabella Portland does more than give residents a good night’s sleep.

It gives them a sense of place.

Instead of treating age as a disease and quarantining seniors and retiring baby boomers in isolated ‘over-55’ communities, Mirabella Portland treats age as a privilege.

For those in their twenties, thirties, and forties, Mirabella Portland looks different than it does for those in their fifties and above.

The latter group takes a good look at the road ahead and plans accordingly. Sometimes their plans work out. Other times circumstances sweep even their best plans aside.

A segment of the first group sees a future beyond their means in Mirabella Portland. Instead of working toward a better life, they express attitudes directed toward common foes. They bunch an aging population into the same argument we all hear about taxes, rising insurance, and a stalled economy.

The good news for them is aging is not a disease, and choosing to live within their means as contributing members of society doesn’t make seniors and retired boomers an enemy.

Step back with me for a moment. How many have visited family or friends in their homes and found an off-limits room? It’s got a thick white carpet, matching furniture that looks like heaven to stretch out on, and side tables with crystal tops.

You notice plastic sheeting over the chairs and couches before you are directed to the real living room, the one with bedspreads over the couches and cats in the chairs.

One is for show, for special guests. The other is for every day living. Maybe that’s how your house is set up, too.

Mirabella Portland doesn’t have thousands of square feet in apartments for the double game plan. Instead, residents break out their good stuff for everyday. That’s a win for everybody, friends and family who visit finally get the A-list treatment.

The important message Mirabella Portland sends out is that seniors and retiring boomers choose living in Portland instead of Palm Springs, or Miami, or some sun-soaked island. They want to be a part of Portland. You’ll find them at Saturday Market, the Blues Festival, the Rose Parade.

Instead of scoffing and listing your civic issues and how they relate to others, why not take notes. Mirabella Portland and the residents living there have found a way to make Portland better.

If the apparent goal to the rest of the nation is Keep Portland Weird, Mirabella Portland fits right in.

Welcome them and learn.




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