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fathers day

Ten years later our sister showed up for family pictures.

Until then it was all boys.

Fathers of an all boy family have problems with their Boys Club.

If the boys grow up to be bad men, it’s on the them.

Good men? Lucky they had such a good mom.

Does that sound right? A good fit?

fathers day

Take an inventory if you don’t know how big your dad’s shadow is.

Does one kid try and prove he’s the favorite son even when they know?

Do the other boys tip their hat to the favorite? Not when they’re all favorites.

fathers day

Does a good dad engage with grandkids in ways that surprise you?

If not, help them out.

The favorite son does that.

Fathers Day brings out the best when fathers are a pain to figure out.

What do dad’s of knuckleheads do? Dad’s of haters and evil punks?

They all have dads who have to deal with feelings.

If you spend time with your kids on Fathers Day, it’s your job to get inside their lives for one day. Today.

You’ve never done that? Here’s your chance.

Work with your racist kid, your white supremacist kid, your kid with a bad attitude. They all have dads and one of them might be you.

When news shows violence and conflict, just know where it comes from. The Dad.

No mom wants to claim their little jerk. Dad’s have to. If it’s not one, it’s the one left. You. Me.

Sons need to give someone credit. If you have sons, be worthy.

My dad grew up out there where it would have been easy to fall into the embrace of brain dead behavior, of point and react condemnation, instead of thinking.

He learned more about life by joining the US Marine Corps for the Korean War.

Instead of a military career as a ground pounding legend, he made to the leap to civilian life with two sons, then three, then a daughter. Dad Hall of Fame numbers.

He chose education and fatherhood and the husband role ignored by kids and wives over the life of a knife-hand chopping hard charger admired by the toughest men on earth.

Tough men follow one of their own, and he chose parenthood, the ultimate role model.

Do you remember what your dad gave up for you?

What have you given up for your kids?

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