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Today marks the second day of the 2013 Aging In America Conference.

Host city Chicago, tagged as an Aging Friendly City by the World Health Organization, celebrates the event with it’s nearly 400,000 residents over 60.

This is not Upton Sinclair’s Chicago, even if it sounds like an urban jungle.

Conference support from Titanium Sponsors include CVS Caremark (a retail pharmacy and healthcare corporation), Walmart, Bank of America, MetLife, and Philips Lifeline (a medical alert service.)

Successful business partners help the Aging In America Conference spread their message, but where do Portland baby boomers fit in?

Boomerpdx mentor and local solopreneur advocate Jackie B. Peterson is on site to record trends and bring them back.

“The internet and all of the e-tools we now have available have made solo businesses
scalable. Geography no longer matters. You can sell your product or service anywhere,

“With 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching age 65 every day, we’re at an  incredibly exciting
time to be part of this movement. We’re witnessing  the birth of the Encore Entrepreneur–someone
who is 50+ and excited about exploring new options, monetizing a lifetime’s expertise,
and redefining retirement!”

Before you pack up and move to Chicago and it’s 400K Aging Friendly environment, stop and take a breath.


“In the fall of 2006, Portland State University’s (PSU) Institute on Aging (IOA) became the first U.S. city to join the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global Age Friendly Cities Project. In 2010 Portland applied for and was accepted into the WHO’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities which created an official partnership between the IOA, Portland’s Mayor and City Council, and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.”

Portland doesn’t take a backseat to any city where friendly aging is concerned. It’s front seat all the way with hands on the wheel at ten and two.










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